Rabindranath Tagore(7th may 1861-7th august 1941),a very strong identification code of bangali.Other name of bengali literature is Rabi Thakur.The youngest of thirteen surviving children,Tagore was born in Jorasanko mansion in Calcutta to parents Debendranath Tagore(1817-1905) and Sarada Devi(1830-1875).He is not only a poet,als a novelist,a dramatist,a philosopher etc.

Rabindranath Tagore wrote his first poem at the age of six and on that age he read collection of kalidas,upanishad.His  some poem was also influenced by English Poem.Through this matter,we can understand that one side he is very traditional and another side he is a modern person on that time.He wanted to set up a link between Eastern and Western Culture.One of his poem has words like

all I had achieved was carried off on the golden boat;Only I was left behind

,the first Asian Poet to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature for his ground breaking work -GITANJALI(SONG OFFERINGS),1913.He is mostly known to world for this creation                                                                                                                              Prolific composer with 2,230 songs to his credit.His music was influenced by the Thumri Style of Hindustani Music.Tagore influnced by Sitar maestro Vilayat Khan and Sarodiyas Buddhadev Dasgupta and Amjad Ali Khan.                                                                                                                                                                       At the age of sixteen Tagore led the drama Mollere”s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.At twenty he wrote first drama Valmiki Pratibha.He wrote eight novels,among them gora, chaturanga,sesher kabita,char odhay,ghare baire,nouka dubi etc.,his innovative creation on 19th century.He is a only person who first wrote anthem for three state. Rabindranath Tagore is a versatile genius without any doubt we can say this.This is great honour to us.