In common sense,flower is a most wonderful creation of god.There is a various type of flower in our world.Among them,now we know about world’s largest flower.Amorphophallus Titanium,one of the largest flower of the world.This flower bloomed for the first time after five years,in a park in jindai botanical garden, tokyo,japan,on july 23,2015.Native to sumatra in indonesia.This flower grows up in steep of hillside between the height 120 to 365 mete(400-1200 feet).This flower blooms for about a week before dying. The last time this flower bloomed in the botanical garden of chofu,on jul22,2010.The height of this flower is two meter(6.5 feet),that’s very attractive to all visitors.This is also a oldest and rare species of the world.It has an overpowering smell,that attracts insects especially pollinating insects.For this reason this flower called CORPSE FLOWER.The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the flower(species) as “vulnerable”.


Photos Of  Amorphophallus Titanium