Pura Lempuyang

It is among one of the six Balinese Hindu temples of the heavens where humans and gods meet with each other. It is situated on the slopes of misty Gunung Lempuyang with 1700 stone steps taking a two hours journey. Being on the top, the devotees had to travel across a lavish jungle where the temperature is very low. To visit the temple, early morning is the most suitable time in order to seek awe inspiring blessings and it looks breathtaking in the rainy season. Devotees ask for blessings, solutions for their problems, provide them with care, love, protection and power.  A huge festival is held at the Lempuyang temple after every six months or 210 days on the day of Thursday. The word ‘Pura’ derives its origin from the Sanskrit word- pur or puram which means city or palace referring to a religious temple which came into existence during the development of the Balinese language. It is a place where gods stopover to take rest on the island. Bali’s famous volcano- Mt. Agung is easily visible from the temple giving great landscape of the volcano and the ocean. It feels dazzling and gracious during the ceremony days of the temple as the Balinese people make expedition to the temple in the traditional and religious costumes. The Indonesian followers of Balinese Hinduism worship in the Pura Lempuyang temple. A majority of the puras are found on the Bali’s Island due to which the region is called “the Island of a Thousand Puras”and the rest are located on the other parts of Indonesia. Among all these puras, Mother Temple of Besakih is the largest and holiest temple in Bali having the chief importance as Hinduism is the key religion in this island.



Photos of Pura Lempuyang