Ocean and Earth

In our small blue planet more than 70 percent area are covered by deep Ocean

but do you know that only 5% percent of Ocean floor we have explored till now and remaining 95 %  are unknown to us.

Yes it’s true.

Because it is extremely difficult to go to sea floor  due to heavy pressure and temperature difference .

Approximately 10 meters deep water can produce 1 atmospheric pressure extra and that means if we go to deep sea such as 5 km deep , we have to sustain 500 atmospheric pressure.


Mariana Trench 

It is the deepest part of the sea . Recently Oscar wining Director James Cameron went to Mariana Trench in a special  device (named as Odyssey ) . Marina trench is almost 10911 meters deep and the atmospheric pressure there is almost 1000 times more (1,086 bars or 15,750 psi) than pressure in sea level.



Photos of  Mariana Trench and James cameron