There has been an argument based on being single or getting involved in a relationship. Those that are in a relationship say that it is the greatest feeling anyone would ever have as you will always have a companion. While those who are single say that being single will create a lot of space in your life where one will be able to achieve their dreams without any hindrance. Due to this argument I thought on writing the pros and cons of being single.
• Pros-sometimes we need personal space especially when we have a career that we are devoted in or a hobby. Instead of spending time in a relationship you use your time doing what you like most with no divided attention.
• Cons-there are times when we need someone to comfort us especially when you are facing a loss or even going through certain stress. The availability of someone being there gives a lot of comforts to us.
• Pros-you can optimize your house by creating your personal space that will reflect your needs and habit without compromising anyone.
• Cons-when you have no job or even have been injured you will need someone to support you physically, socially and emotionally. The person will also be able to support you financially during this difficult time.
• Pros- your living standards are upgraded when you in a relationship because when you work hard you will realize that you are doing it for certain reasons. You will always be motivated to achieve more.
• Cons-At times we need to travel the world, without being in a relationship this becomes more complicated because you will no one who will travel with you for days or even have fun with
• Pros-When no one is monitoring you can do what you want or go anywhere. Which is an advantage, and it creates a good feeling as no one is observing any move that you make.
• Cons-when you are by yourself, you can be untidy, but when you have someone around you, most probably you will try keeping everything neat.
• Pros-being single contributes to having lesser stress especially having to worry about what a spouse might be doing or even worrying about the children.
• Pros-being single it’s easier for you to acquire friends because you are capable of creating time to be with them when they need you.
• Cons-when you are single you get more time to go to the gym. While married people tend to gain weight, and they don’t get enough time to be at the gym.
It is our choice us to decide who we will be or what paths we are going to take which will enable us achieve our future dreams. It doesn’t matter what road we choose as long as it leads us to the right path.

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