The mentioned below cities have been proven to have high rates of crimes when you visit such places you should take precaution to know how much safe is the place you are visiting. Knowing the crime history of a certain destination will also help us to evade crime.
San Pedro Sula, is a city in Honduras that is based at the northwest corner of the country, with a settlement of one million people. The city had the greatest murder rate in the world with an average of three murders in a day, 159 homicides per 100000 residents. In the early years of its history gold was found in San Pedro Sula where the Dutch, French and English pirates raided the city. According to Los-Angeles times, the homicide rate was caused by the rivalry of brutal street gangs which led to economic disaster. People migrated in large numbers to the United States border.

Curitiba is a city in Brazil where the world cup 2014 was held the population is approximately 1,760,500 which makes it the eighth most populous city in the county. It is reported to be one of the most violent cities in Brazil with 38.08 homicides per 100000 residents. At the slums of Curitiba over half of the population is illiterate where there said to be crime and prostitution. The city is said to be unsafe especially at night around the bus terminal and at the squares in the city.

Mogadishu Somalia is associated with military for offensive attacks, between the Al-Shabaab and the Somali Transitional Federal government. That has caused the killing and wounding of thousand civilians, where most of the residents had to flee the capital. The Al-Shabaab is accounted responsible for the killings and also forcing the recruitment of children into soldiers and abuses against civilians under their control.

Mombasa is said to be the second largest city in Kenya with a settlement of 1.2 million residents and is a regional cultural and economic hub with many attractions. Recently there has been increased crime; there have been terrorist attacks that include bombing and attacks on civil aviation. Due to the rise of insecurity London issued travel advisory to its nationals who were advised to stay away from the coastal resorts where some of the London nationals had to be evacuated from Kenya. There has also been the fear of kidnapping foreigners by Somali pirates from the resort near the border with Somalia.

Medellin is a city in Colombia with 1,175 homicides per 2,393,011 inhabitants. Violence had been blamed on criminal bands that tried to gain control of certain territories. However, the homicide rate is said to decrease which is reported to be 6,349. Prominent citizens got assassinated, and the streets were in the hand of gangs.

Photos of The Most Dangerous Cities to Visit.