• Pitch Lake is one the most visited place in Trinidad.
  • It is made of asphalt and also largest deposit in world.
  • Pitch Lake is located at La Brea , Trinidad (south west)
  • It was discovered in 1595 by Sir Walter Raleigh.
  • Total area is more than 41 hectares and deep more than 80 meters.
  • Every year approximately 30,000 visitors visit here.
  • Mining for asphalt done here by government of Trinidad. Some roads of New York made from this asphalt.
  • It has great importance in maintain the eco system here.
  • Origin of This pitch lake
    tectonic plate– Caribbean Plate responsible for this lake.
    Subduction under this plate , helped oil to spill up from deep.
    Lighter parts of oil eventually evaporated and heavier parts became hard by bacterial action and created this asphalt lake.

    Local tribe Carib believes a story.
    Their ancestors were celebrating after winning a battle with roasted humming bird.
    God of birds cursed them and they submerged under this lake and after putrefaction this lake became like this. That’s why it mean emptiness to local Carib tribe.

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