Flying fishes

• Flying fishes are from the family Exocoetidae. Their order is Beloniformes and the class is Actinopterygii.

• There are about sixty-four species grouped in seven to nine genera.

• The fish’s small size, torpedo shape and pectoral fins enable them to glide through air which seems though as they are flying.

• Their gliding speed has reached up to 60km/h which are usually up to 30-50 metres in length.

• Their size varies between15-30 cm.

• They use this technique to escape predators like mackerel, tuna, sword fish, marlin, etc.

• They are found in warm ocean waters of tropical and subtropical regions.

• They are commercially fished in Vietnam, Japan, and China by “Gillnetting” and in Indonesia and India by “Dip netting”.

Photos of Flying fishes

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