Miss Gabrielle was a legless marvel from the early 1900s. She was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1884 and began her show career at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900 that the half-woman.
His first foray into show business was very successful because she soon traveled to America to work with the Dreamland Side Show Circus, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. In addition, in 1912, Miss Gabrielle began a career with the short vaudeville theater in New York Hammerstein. She finally broke her contract with the theater and was subsequently sued for breach. A legal battle four years resulted in a $ 2,000 fine paid to the agent of theater. Few human marvels appeared on the vaudeville stage, the Hilton sisters did a few years later, but Mademoiselle Gabrielle was a special case. She was beautiful, charming, graceful and modest enough to the general public to accept his deformity objective.

Miss Gabrielle possessed no legs and, according to a 1929 article from the London Life, she had no stumps whatsoever. Her torso finished just below the hip gracefully. Its size was impressive and she accentuated her physical and natural beauty with opulent Victorian dress and jewelery strike. Miss Gabrielle was independent and never complained of his condition. She firmly believed she was “no less a woman,” despite being physically half a woman.
Miss Gabrielle attracted men in droves and married at least three times during his life. First, she was married to a man with the name of Hunter and finally to a German gentleman. Because of these changes name, his story later, is difficult to trace and date possible death is not known currently.