King vultures are generally found in Mexico to South Argentina.
It’s name is king vulture because in some Mayan legend story , they refereed this creature as intermediate between God and Human Being.
It’s scientific name is Sarcoramphus papa
Wing Span upto 6 feet. They have extremely tough beak for tearing carcasses.
They are very colorful , White color in the front of the body, Head is red in color and orange color over beak and under the neck. Back of the neck is red.
Average Life span is almost 40 years.
They prefer to save their energy by gliding over the air.
They are very selective about their partner. One male king vulture selects same female vulture every year. They lay eggs 1 in every year and they incubate it for almost 55 days. Newborn get white coat 🙂 at about 10 days and by day 20 they can stand on their own feet. By 3 months of age they fly with their parents for food.

Photos Of King Vulture