2020 saw the coronavirus market crash!

The whole of March, 2020, was spent in agony, grief, and heavy losses as the world seeped into the lockdown phase. Many businesses said goodbye, and the global economy was taking a new turn.

We have also witnessed panic buying in the FMCG sector, as people became paranoid due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We were uncertain about the future, and wanted to gather the supplies before we hit any apocalypse. This might sound a bit dramatic, but yes the global population was (still is) in turmoil, and honestly had nothing to hold on to!

The Market is the progress of our civilization:

If we understand the graph of the oldest of indexes, like Dow Jones Industrial Average, or BSE SENSEX, or even the NASDAQ for instance; we get to see an overall rising phase! This means that the human race (and the global economy along with it) has advanced through out the years!

Anywhere we see a big dent in the index graphs, we can easily figure out that the period went through some sort of calamity which posed as a threat to the progress of human civilization.

The same thing happened with Covid 19 as well!

But, the picture changed for big IT companies and blue chip tech giants. The market, for them, fell; but only to rise gradually ever since.

This is 2iL.org It stands for “Today I learned”.

And today, we are hitting the hard spot on the global IT stock indexes. After this post ends, you will become a little more curious, and a little more investment ready!

This post will make use of graphs and facts to help you get a clearer vision of how IT stocks are about to function in the coming future.

And, of course, where should you invest!

Let’s begin by wishing you a better life, after what you might have endured during the Covid-19 pandemic!

IT. is more operational after Covid 19:

Information technology received its share of boom after the pandemic. A steep rise in the IT stock prices was felt very soundingly.

The reason behind this is the remote working environment coming into action; and businesses starting to make use of digital marketing, web hosted applications, content management softwares and other device integrations.

But, wasn’t IT. always the future of the world? The human civilization has always pined for a much lucid Data transfer and Information Management solutions.

So what did Covid 19 do? It just sped up the rise of IT. by a few notches higher.

Even if Covid 19 didn’t occur, then also IT. would have seen a steady rise:

The future resides in Space Sciences, Electricity, and Internet.

These three are the rulers in determining the direction of the global human civilization.

Humans are considered the most astonishing of all animal species and races. Humans believe in the power of information, and take good care in processing and storing information.

The word ‘Information’ is not fading away ever from the human dictionaries.

With more passing of ages, humans will have a better understanding of Data and how to use it! Data is already a costly asset!

Below displayed are the graphs, of 6 blue chip IT stocks, which show a lot about the rise: (The pendulum marks the Coronavirus crash)

Apple Inc.

** Apple is working on Project Titan which might see a high success rate. Also launched the new M1 chip, and new line of smart devices including accessories.

Google (Alphabet Inc.):

**Google is working on creative web app frameworks and other IT solutions

Adobe Inc.

** Adobe cloud suite is must have in the graphics designing world.

Nike Inc.

** Nike is contributing to Internet of Things and Medical Big Data

Tesla Inc.

** Tesla has opened new working units in India.

Microsoft Corporation.

**Microsoft is contributing exceptionally in the cloud hosting solutions.

(***All charts and data are sourced by Apple Stocks application***)

So, should you invest in IT?

Guess you already have the answer!

Do your own research, and pay attention to disruptive growth as well. As of 2021, IT, Healthcare, and FMCG will see a big rise.

Also, don’t forget to diversify your portfolio for a balanced risk profile!

That’s the post for the day!

See you around soon!

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