Are you familiar with the term ‘Disruptive Growth’? Tesla, Amazon, Google, Apple, and so many other, started off by disrupting a normal chain of supply-demand.

They created new demands, and thereby exceeded other businesses by becoming the potential ‘supply chain’ themselves. 
We can’t call this a monopolistic progress. No!

It is, but understanding the lacking-possibilities in the market fissures. It is the creation of the new normal.

Electric Vehicles make the gateway to a Green Future.

If the ‘Environment collateral-damage’ factor, involved in the production of high power batteries, can be resolved; then EVs are definitely ruling the streets, for sure!

Apple project Titan- much awaited and much anticipated:

Steve Jobs wanted to work on Autonomous Technology Systems, long time back, when Apple introduced the first series of iPhones.

That was the inception of Apple blue-printing autonomous vehicles designs. As the years followed, Apple integrated their Car-Play ecosystem,  by pairing up with major players in the automobile industry.

Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and McLaren, were among the many that Apple approached for conducting self-drives and technology implementation.

Tests and demo applications were run, in periodical intervals, with rapid hiring of employees in Apple’s new E-V development project.

Some said Apple Car, while some insisted in spilling the beans out as ‘Project Titan’. 

All executives at Apple Inc., including Tim Cook, have throughout been optimistic in funding these in-house EV projects; as Apple believed it to be a true Disruption-Growth.

Later Apple acquired, for working on artificial intelligence and neural engines to build autonomous devices. A wonderful creation, spinning out of these developments, is Apple CarPlay.

Elon Musk of Tesla was seen concerned, when asked of Apple’s competition in the EV manufacturing market. 

Secretly we all want Apple coming up with its own innovative range of EVs, multiplied with the power of Apple ecosystem.

Currently, the Apple Car project Titan is under development, but with a slacked off employee strength. 

How difficult is it to excel for Apple in the EV industry?

Apple’s experience in manufacturing autonomous vehicles is limited.

We already have successful autonomous EVs by Tesla, Waymo, and other technology giants. These vehicles are running in the market, and are synonymous to what we mean by a modern-age electric self-drive vehicle.

It is not easy, to disrupt an already existing innovative market. Not to forget, disruption can only take place if the business model is unique, with unique outputs.

When compared to these active projects, Apple project Titan might seem a bit shy on the course. Beating Tesla, Alphabet Inc, and other auto-tech pioneers, is not an easy ride.

There’s another key factor that is to be kept in mind. EV battery manufacturing is hazardous to the environment. That’s a big reason why we still can’t completely replace the conventional fuel run vehicles, with Electric Vehicles.

If the manufacturing process is 10 times more harmful for the environment, than the pollution caused by the burning of Gasoline; then it’s not a wise decision to make EVs the king of the roads yet.

Hope, we will soon be able to eliminate this side-effect of EV manufacturing, and will witness more choices in buying our next autonomous vehicle!

Probably we can get our hands on a brand new Apple Car, anytime soon, operated with Siri, and face and voice recognition!

No matter how much clouded the project Titan might appear, an EV project is surely cooking in Apple’s kitchen! 

What are your thoughts on this?

So, are you willing to invest and take part in the future of automobile industry, as so many IT bluechips are moving in to manufacture EVs? 

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