The world is full of wonders, with various plant species of the world some you might have come across them others you might have never heard of them. Here I explore various plants with unique features and characteristics.

Rafflesia Arnoldii is a plant known for producing the largest individual flower. The first person to find this flower was a French explorer Louis Auguste Deschamps at the rainforests of Indonesia. The flower has a very strong pungent smell of decaying flesh where it was nicknamed as corpse flower. It cleaves itself to a host plant to gain nutrients and water as it has no roots, leaves or stem where the large center of the plant can hold six to seven quarts of water. The plant emits a rotting smell to attract pollinators.

Nepenthes Attenboroughii is the weirdest carnivorous plant which scientists found at mount Victoria, that is the largest meat-eating plant in the world and has the ability of digesting rats. It is named after a celebrated broadcaster and naturalist named David Attenborough. However, it is observed to have the largest pitchers in genus the pitches show variation in both coloration and shape ranging from green or yellow to dark purple.

The plant Welwitschia was named after an Australian botanist Friedrich Welwitsch. After the plant’s germination, the cotyledons of the plant grow which are followed shortly by appearance of two leaves. Which after months the outstrips of the cotyledon die and the true leaves are produced at the right angle of the cotyledon that begins to grow in length throughout the entire life of the plant. It survives in harsh localities where the rainfall is less than 25m. The local Herero people eat some of these parts of the plant which is one of their most valued plants.

The amazing Eastern Skunk Cabbage is a plant that flourishes in the moist wetland soils of Eastern North America. It emits a skunk like stench that will attract flies and stone-flies. The skunk cabbage has a mottled maroon modified leaf. It generates its own heat raising the temperature to 95 Degrees Fahrenheit around the surrounding air where the heat is used to convert sugars produced during photosynthesis into energy.

Titan Arum is one amazing plant found in the forests of Western Sumatra it is also called a corpse plant for its pungent smell that attracts pollinators. The plant takes around six years to flower where people will come from all over the world to see the flower bloom. It is a huge plant which blooms for two to three days and then the flower dies away leaving the tuber that grows like a tree plant that may grow 20ft tall.

Photos of Five Amazing Plants you Might have Never Known Existed.