Denmark was in the first position as the happiest country in the world in the 2013 happiness reports. One of the happiest places in Denmark is the Tivoli garden which is a famous amusement park. Opened in the year 1843 it is said to be a cultural wonderland and the world’s most visited seasonal theme park. With a delightful mix of rides attractions performances and culture which makes it a treat for both adults and children. Being at the Tivoli garden feels like stepping into a fairy tale the park contains a number of exhilarating rollercoasters.

Tivoli is a romantic setting with its lights and lamps dotted on trees, caves and its pavements it also includes restaurants and ground attractions. Children leave this place with great memories as it is packed with things to do with family at any time of the day. Public celebrations like Christmas and Halloween are well celebrated at Tivoli where there are firework displays and special performances. The park opens between April and September with special openings for Christmas and Halloween.
For a country to get ranked, the happiest there are factors considered which are split evenly between concerns on the government and on the human scale. The happiest country health and life expectancy at birth lack corruption in leadership. There should be a common GDP per capital.

Denmark has the following factors that make it the happiest country in the world.Health care is a civil right and considered as a social support. The citizens expect to receive health care as a basic right which is supposed to be at the lowest effective cost. According to a 2012 analysis of family medicine in the country, the Danish people are found to be in touch with their primary care physician at an average of seven times per year. Gender equality is prioritized as currently in the country it has its first female prime minister. However, Denmark is a heavily populated and large city most of the people in the city use bikes to improve fitness levels and reduces carbon emissions creating a healthy environment. Thirty minutes of daily biking are moderately one to two years of life expectancy.

Danish culture ensures positivity on its harsh environment one of their cultures is turning lemons into spiced mulled wine while coffee and chocolate are mood boosters. Responsibility is also seen among the Danish people where according to reports Denmark citizens participate and contribute to the society where more than 40 percent of all Danish people do voluntary work and also cultural and sports association. Having a sense of stewardship Danish people take pride in their participation with the democratic procedures.

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