to know the cause 

Kalachi is a mysterious village in Kazakhstan. The name of that village has made headlines many times. Because it is known that some villagers slept continuously for about six days. And it is this incident of their falling asleep that has made this village known to the whole world. Not only human beings, but also animals and birds have not escaped from this sleep. Even if you wake up, there are many side effects. 

Desire for sex and hallucination Increased 

In addition to this bizarre sleep, hallucination and sexual desire are reported to increase in everyone. After waking up, children see elephant trunks growing on their mother’s face, and men’s desire to have sex increases several times. If the demand is not met, the tension is extreme. This hallucination and the need for sexual intercourse lasts from about 7 days to 1 month. 

Condition is called ‘Sleepy Hollow’  

According to a report, between 2012 and 2015, about 160 people were victims of this strange situation in the village. Which was later called ‘Sleepy Hollow’. This strange incident was investigated in 2014 in a newspaper report in Komsomolskaya Pravda. According to the newspaper, the sick person seems to be conscious and they can even walk. However, in addition to hallucinations, many people have lost their memory. After waking up, many could not remember anything. 

Radioactivity is Responsible  

However, since the village was located near a Soviet-era uranium mine, this issue has also been considered by many as a cause of sleep deprivation. Although the mine was shut down in 1990, its radioactivity was blamed for sleep. Although no scientific reason has been found yet. As the problem escalated, the Kazakh government issued a statement claiming that the level of toxic carbon monoxide in the water was the cause of the sleep deprivation. After which several hundred families of Kalachi were relocated elsewhere. 

carbon monoxide was found culprit  

An experiment later revealed that the amount of carbon monoxide in village water was 10 times higher than normal. However, many are reluctant to accept the claim that the abnormality is due to carbon monoxide. Byron Crape, a professor at Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, also claimed that carbon monoxide was the main cause of the incident. He believed that the ‘chemical’ groundwater from the uranium mine continued to flow into the pump water and that this was the cause of the problem. At present, only 120 families live in Kalachi. They are now sleeping normally and nothing strange has been seen since then.