1. Tin Collector 

(60,000 tin cans collected in three decades! Belgian woman with unusual interest) 

The phrase “life in captivity” is widely used. As a result, “Can” is frequently heard 

in his own home. Perhaps not so much. A woman from Belgium, on the other hand, 

told a similar story. 

Because that Belgian woman has a variety of interests, including collecting tin cans. 

Ivette Dardenne is her name. She has already brought home over 60,000 antique 

coloured tin cans from all across the world. She also had to make plans to keep 

four houses. 

Yvette Dardenne, 83, lives in the Grand-Hallet province of Liege, Belgium. A tin of of Cote d’Or chocolate became his favorite thirty years ago today. He took the package containing a photograph of a young woman wearing a blue cap. Since then, her collection has continued to grow over time. In the last three decades, she has constructed approximately 60,000 tin cans.  

Chocolate, coffee, rice, milk, shoe ink, and tobacco containers are among these containers. He has amassed a large collection of colourful sizes from outside the country. There’s also an ancient tin can that was brought back from India. He also has 1864 tin cans in his collection. 

These tin containers have piled in Ivetta’s house after being acquired one after the other for over three decades. He now requires four houses to keep these boxes due to the current circumstance. 

“People think I travel a lot, both domestically and internationally,” Lvette explained. I, on the other hand, did not travel at all. While sitting at home, one can pursue a hobby. 

  1. Mars-like Habitat 

(And the world does not feel good? Want to stay on Mars? NASA is requesting an application) 

Is it possible that the Mars-lamp will turn on this time? This is why the entire planet will be able to experience the Martian experience. 

Is different types of irritation bothered by the fact that her mind is not in the world? I’m desperate for a somewhere to go, and I’m thinking if it’s feasible to carry this body and move somewhere else. 

It is, without a doubt, doable! NASA is making the unthinkable a reality. They are providing us with a different address where we may go away from this world. Certainly for a year. It’s a nearby location with weather similar to Mars! You must, however, apply to NASA in order to remain there. Since last Friday, NASA has allowed applicants to submit their applications online. 

NASA has constructed a 1,700-square-foot Martian habitat called ‘Mars Dune Alpha’ at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. According to NASA, no more than four individuals are allowed to reside in that hostel. 

Why, all of a sudden, this unexpected arrangement? No, not at all. Human settlement on Mars has long been a topic of debate. According to NASA, the Red Planet might be the second human settlement in a few years. This is, in some way, his training for future Mars trips. 

This Mars Dune Alpha is the product of that preparation. This dormitory will be used for training to spend many days on Mars. Experiments on how to cultivate Mars will be undertaken here. We’ll examine how the mental and physical conditions affect one other. 

  1. A good mother! Orphaned squirrel cubs are being growing up by cats. 

The orphaned squirrel offspring were dragged to the cat by their mother. Nurturing them with care. Defending against danger. A unusual association between a zoo and Crimea has been observed. 

The Cat Lover, a resident of Bakhisara’s Miniature Park, gave birth to a member. Someone then brought some orphaned squirrels to the park in a box one morning. The brain of park management ponders how to fill those squirrel children with their mother’s love. They abandon the squirrels in the care of the kittens. 

The mother cat embraces them when they have overcome the initial challenges. At the zoo, cats and squirrels are now growing up at the same time.  

  1. Rainbow Python 

(The search for a rare rainbow-colored snake, the seven colors of one body) 

A Person recently stumbled upon a rare rainbow snake in Florida. Tracey Cauthen was hiking in the Ocala National Forest when she spotted the nearly 4-feet-long rainbow snake. Find the rainbow snake, which has seven different colours on its body.  The biggest draw of this snake is its colour. Otherwise it looks like a normal python. 

The Florida Museum of Natural History confirmed that the sighting was their first record of the species in Marian County since 1969. 

“Someone the recent draw down of Rodman Reservoir had this rainbow snake on the move,” FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute said. “Rainbow snakes are highly-aquatic, spending most of their life hidden amongst aquatic vegetation; seldom seen, even by herpetologists, due to their cryptic habits. Burrowing near creeks, lakes, marshes, and tidal mudflats, rainbow snakes specialize in eating eels, earning the nickname “eel moccasin”,” the institute said. 

 In California, the snake is housed in a zoo. Jay Brewer, the owner of the zoo, took a photo of the snake and posted it on social media. For the past 50 years, he has been catching snakes. He also looks after the snakes like a child. 

  1. Elephant hanging. The reason for the punishment was also strange. 

(The elephant was hung from a tree. Approximately 2,000 individuals gathered to see the heinous crime.) 

When someone commits a horrific offense, the Elephant gets punished harshly. the Elephant was executed by hanging. But when was the last time you heard of an elephant being hanged? An elephant in the United States was sentenced to death by hanging.  Many animal lovers would have objected at the time. It would have been difficult to hang an elephant as a punishment. Thousands of people, however, saw the elephant hanging in front of their eyes at the time. It was regarded as the pinnacle of atrocities.  

The date was September 13, 1918. In the US state of Tennessee, an elephant named Mary was hanged in front of over 2,000 people. Even after all these years, the tragic destiny of the Asian elephant brought tears to the eyes of animal lovers. In Tennessee, a man named Charlie Spark used to present a show called Sparks World Famous. Mario was a part of the circus. He demonstrated the game. Mary weighed in at a whopping 5 tonnes. The circus’ primary attraction was Mary. Mary the Elephant-Driver ran into some legal issues and had to leave the circus. The new elephant-driver arrives to look after Mary. Mary, on the other hand, was unable to accept him.  

The Reason Behind

The authorities put on a spectacle for the circus’s advertising one day. That show took place directly in the heart of the city, on a major thoroughfare. In the circus, there were all of the animals. Mary became aware of something and dashed to it. To stop Mary, the new mahout stabs her in the back of the ear with a stick. Mary became enraged and stomped on Mahut. People began running through the streets after witnessing the tragedy. Many people claim to have assassinated Mary. That day, everything was hidden. However, the story of Mary’s romance was published in the press the next day. People in the neighbourhood have been calling for Mary’s execution ever since. The circus will be closed if this does not happen. Mary was said to have been crushed by the train wheels. Mary, according to some, should be electrocuted. Mary was eventually sentenced to death by hanging. Mary, the star of the Sparks World Famous Circus, was suspended from a crane capable of lifting 100 tonnes. Approximately 2,000 individuals gathered to witness the occurrence.