Everyone feels stressed. It happens a lot of times in daily life. Stress is one of the biggest problems in our lives today. We often don’t want to disclose it to anyone even to our well-wisher. But the unpleasant truth is that this problem afflicts people not only mentally but also physically. It can come from an event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Stress is your body’s response to a challenge or need.

What is Stress ?

Our relationship with the environment can be of two types. Positive and negative. There are some elements of the environment that help people to survive. And there are some elements that can cause the extinction of our existence. People have to move forward by choosing living materials from the environment. Many a times in this way of progressing the person cannot perform the behavior towards the goal, satisfying his needs. Some internal and external constraints cause frustration and conflict in a person. And the person is facing extra stress. This is called stress.


Stress, it is a kind of internal condition, the source of which is depressing or unsatisfactory. Stress is created when a person, other people, the natural and social environment encounters certain demands that they cannot perform properly.

Causes of stress


Stress can be removed in three ways

1) Physical management – Physical reactions to stress include increased heart rate, sweating, dry mouth, etc. In this case, the measures that can be taken to reduce the effects of stress, are as follows :

a.  Physical Exercise – Physical exercise reduces the harmful effects of stress. Increases the capacity of the heart, lowers blood pressure, lowers the amount of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, increases the efficiency of the lungs and keeps the blood circulation system normal.

b.   Yoga – Yoga practice keeps the body and mind healthy. It is possible to control the mental process. As a result it helps to reduce the stress of the person.

c.   Meditation – Generally a special word has to be uttered repeatedly with attention while sitting in an effortless manner. Meditation can be done with ease by closing the eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning and evening in general. It is an effective strategy for the development of physical and mental health and to reduce anxiety and stress.

d.   Relaxation Technique – Humans can deliberately control certain functions of the autonomic nervous system. Such control also affects a person’s emotions. Again when the muscles come to a calm state, there is no tension.

In the case of relaxation training, one has to go through several levels in a row

  • Pay attention to a particular muscle
    • Stretch the muscles and hold them in that position for five
    • to seven seconds.
    • Feeling a little relaxed emotionally to relieve tension.
    • In the latter case again focus on the other muscle in the same way.

(2)  Mental management

a.   Self-talk – Self-talk has a huge impact on a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-talk can be of two types, positive and negative. When a person does the right thing or when he does the wrong thing, in both cases the self-talk reassures and approves the person. When a person encounters a conflict or resistance, he or she is relieved to talk to himself or herself. Self-talk is a kind of continuous flow of thought, which continues in the human brain every day. To get out of the stressful situation or to get rid of the frustration, to speak positively in your mind, is very necessary. It manages or controls the person and encourages him to get good results. As a result, the level of stress is reduced and the person is relieved of depression.

b.   Humor – People often resort to laughter, jokes, jokes to get rid of depression, to reduce the level of stress. Strategies such as humor, laughter jokes, discussion, etc. give the person some relief, lighten the situation.

c.   Creative work – This is an effective system or strategy. Individuals can engage themselves in creative work by using their abilities and imagination. This method increases the self-confidence of the person, helps to calm the person, relax the body and mind. This method removes the person from unnecessary negative thoughts.

d.   Strategy based on Cognitive behavior– This strategy transforms a person’s negative irrational thinking into positive thinking which is logical and constructive. The three levels of this system are the measurement of stress, the application of stress reduction strategies and the follow-up.

3) Take the help of a mental health worker if necessary to reduce stress. In this case, three methods can be effective.

a.  Counseling – The main component of counseling is to understand the nature of emotional and mental state of the person. An attempt is made to resolve the psychological problems of the recipient of advice through a friendly and cooperative manner. This results in self-realization of the person. He can establish good relations with the environment. He can go according to his interest, ability and skill. He finds a clear picture of his own faults and virtues. he can control his emotions and try to get out of the stressful situation.

b.   Guidance – Guidance helps the self-realization and self-improvement of the person suffering from the problem, helping him to walk on the right path. Guidance analyzes aspects of a person’s interest, skills and abilities on the one hand, and problems and situations on the other. And they try to solve that problem. It is seen that the person can solve his own problem.

 c.  Parenting – In this method a friendly relationship develops between the physician and the problem person. This relationship creates a kind of trust in the troubled person. And he may think that he will be free from problems. Increases dependence on physicians. The doctor also tries to treat the problem person. In this state the person is told to relax. Troubled person may be asked to pay attention to a particular object. Then at the appropriate time the doctor inspires the person to think healthy. Helps to regain his self-confidence, and seeks to remove fear and anxiety from the mind. Inspires him with new thoughts and behaviors.