According to various surveys, almost everyone has an idea about the world’s richest people and the amount of their wealth. But we know less about the success of the whole family than personal success! Today we know about the top 10 richest families in the world, many of whom may not have been able to become billionaires or trillionaires. He has gained a lot of influence and prestige only through inheritance. The wealth of the top 10 households is equal to the combined GDP of France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

  1. The Walton Family. Country: United States

Sam Walton

The Walton family is the richest family not only in the United States but also in the world. Their assets amount to 190.5 billion dollars. Walton operates retail outlets around the world. In the 1950s, Sam Walton opened a little “Walton’s 5-10” shop in the town square of Bentonville, Arkansas. The front of the Walmart Museum, which recounts Walton’s rise from small-town shopkeeper to uncontested king of American retail, is still visible.

At present,Walmart has more than 11,510retail Stores worldwide and 5347 stores in the U.S. as of Oct. 2020. Walmart is the world’s largest retailer. It is also the largest of such organizations in terms of income. It was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Arkansas. His company Walmart is now one of the largest companies in the world. By the end of 2020, their revenue was $524 billion and over 2.2 million U.S. associates. Walmart is the largest employer of public limited companies and the largest retailer in the United States. The Walton family owns about 51 percent of the company. In this way their wealth has become equal to the mountains. Sam Walton’s son Jim and Alice Walton are both ranked 8th and 9th on Forbes’ list of the richest people with assets worth more than 54 billion, respectively.They have estimated wealth $ 244 billion(2020-2021).

  1. Mars Family — Mars :Country: United States

Mars Family

The Mars family in the United States is in the second place with 86.6 dollars(2020). The world-famous chocolate maker Mars Inc. is owned by the Mars family. The family business started with a confectionery bakery, which later expanded to other businesses. Without the Mars family, the world might not have chocolate like Mars bars, sneakers, Milky Way, MNM. The main source of their wealth is candy and chocolate. The famous brand of pet food at home is owned by the Pedigrio Mars family. Frank Mars first started producing and marketing chocolate in 1911 from the Mars Company. Siblings, Jacqueline and John Marsalong with Forrest Jr. has also been representing the family business for so long. However, Forrest Jr. died in 2016. Forrest Jr.’s daughter, Victoria, is currently chairing the board of directors. The Mars family owns 100 percent of the business. The business, founded by Frank Mars, is now owned by his three children, fourth generation of Mars family members.They have estimated wealth $86.6 s (2020)

  1. Koch Family — Koch Industries :Country: United States

The richest brothers in the world are the Koch brothers. They are now the third richest family in the world. They own the Coach Group, the second-largest private company in the United States. The combined wealth of the Koch brothers is 124.5 billion dollars (2019). The eldest of the Koch brothers is Charles de GanahKoch or Charles Koch ‘Koch Industry’ co-owner, board chairman and chief executive officer. MSc from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After finishing his studies, he started his career in the international management consultancy firm Arthur D. Little. He returned to Wichita in 1981 and joined his father’s business, Rock Island Wells & Refining Company. Koch’s business philosophy is market-based management (MBM). Which he elaborated on in 2006 in his book Science of Success. Charles has a wide reputation as a business as well as a public figure. He is considered one of the most powerful people in the world. The younger brother, David Hamilton Koch or David H Koch, studied chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Along with his older brother Charles Koch, he is also a co-owner of the coach industry. Charles partnered with his brothe David until the latter”s death in 2019. Charles is worth an estimated $38.2 billion, tied for the 18th spot with David’s widow Julia Koch and family on the Forbes billionaries list. Besides, they are now investing in various research institutes. They have estimated wealth $124.5 billion (2019).

  1. Al Saud — Saudi Royal Family ;Country : Saudi Arab

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

The House of Saud, the Saudi royal family, has a monarchical history extending back nearly a century. They have invested in the oil industry, including Saudi Aramco, the world’s most profitable company, from which they have built these resources. The royal family, which has ruled Saudi Arabia since the 18th century, has more than 15,000 members. The family consists of the descendants of Muhammad bin Saud and his brothers. At present King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud leads this dynasty. Their main source of income is fuel oil mining. Insider Monkey, a U.S. investment management firm, says the entire Saudi Arabian state is a source of income for the Saudi family, which they consider a family asset.They have estimated wealth $95 billion.

  1. Ambani Family — Reliance Industries : Country : India

The wealth of the famous Ambani family of India is 85.4 billion dollars (2020). DhirubhaiAmbani, the founder of Reliance Group, started his family business with the textile industry. DhirubhaiAmbani started from scratch. This poorly educated person builds wealth with his own intellect.
Ambani-owned multinational Reliance Industries and a few other companies topped Forbes Magazine’s list of the richest families in Asia. DhirubhaiAmbani’s two sons MukeshAmbani and Anil Ambani are India’s richest men. They have expanded into businesses such as petrochemicals, petroleum refining, telecommunications, entertainment, property management and oil and gas exploration.They have estimated wealth $85.4 billion (2020).

  1. Dumas Family — Hermès : Country : France

The Dumas family has a net worth of $53.1billion (2019). Their established fashion house Hermes has won the hearts of buyers around the world with signature scarves, necklaces and perfumes as well as excellent iconic Kelly and Birkin handbags. The family started the elite clothing business with Thierry Harm in the early nineteenth century. Thierry Hermès designed aristocratic riding attire in the nineteenth century.Today, LeBron James, the king of basketball, wears the brand. A series of Hermès Apple Watches sells for $1,300 to $2,000 and more, fusing old school and contemporary technology.Axel Dumas is now the company’s chief executive and chairman, and Pierre-Alexis Dumas is the artistic director.They have estimated wealth $53.1 billion (2019).

Axel DumasPierre-Alexis Dumas

  1. Wertheimer Family — Chanel : Country : France

Wertheimer Family

The family, which owns the French fashion house Channel, has a net worth of $57.6 billion (2019). They also own a famous perfume brand called ‘Channel No. 5’. Two brothers, Alan and Gerhard Wertheimer, now run the business. Their grandfather started this business. Alan and Gerhard Wertheimer are among the 10 richest people living in France. Most of their wealth is inherited, but their wealth has grown through business expansion, contracts, retail sales, wine and horse racing.The brothers are both ranked 48th on the Forbes billionaires list, with a net worth of $17 billion each. They have estimated wealth $57.6 billion (2019).

Alan WertheimerGerhard Wertheimer

  1. Cargill-MacMillan family: Country : United States

Cargill-MacMillan family

The family is one of the leaders of Kargil Inc. It was founded in 1865 by William Wallace Cargill. The Carcel and Macmillan families have been in business for almost 150 years. Their net worth is. 42.9 billion. The sixth generation members are currently running the business of Cargill Inc. They are mainly working in agriculture, industry and food production. Based on This family owns 90 percent of it. The main source of income for the family is the food processing business. This family has the most billionaires in the world. The Kargil-Macmillan family of 14 billionaires.They have estimated wealth $42.9 billion (2019).

  1. Boehringer, von Baumbach Families — BoehringerIngelheim : Country : Germany

Boehringer, von Baumbach Families

The Boehringer family founded the German pharmaceutical company BoehringerIngelheim 130 years ago. The reason BoehringerIngelheim came to this place today is to run this business with the success of several generations. The company is controlled by the Boehringer family, but it is in control of the Boehringer family, along with the Von Baumbach.The company is headquartered in Ingelheim, and it operates globally with more than 146 affiliates, and it has over 50,000 employees. The company isn’t listed publically, and it is entirely private. The company was officially founded in 1885, and it merged with Dr. Karl Thomas GmbH, and it became BoehringerIngelheim Pharma KG. The company is involved in many publicly funded collaborative research projects with many partners. The wealth of these two families is 51.9 billion (2019).

Boehringer, von Baumbach Families

  1. Van Damme, De Spoelberch, De Mevius :
    Country : Belgium

Van Damme, De Spoelberch, De Mevius

These three Bulgarian families have a 500-year history of making drinks. In 1987, the Van Dame family reunited with the De Spoelberch and De Mavias families. The beverage brand ‘Piedoff’ and ‘Artois’ merged to rename it ‘Interbrew’. The family can be traced to 1535, and Van Damme clan joined the efforts of the De Mevius and De Spoelberch in 1987, and there was the formation of Interbrew. The merger is of a total of three families, and significant stakes are handled by the Spoelberch.The combined wealth of these three families is$52.9 billion (2019).

Van Damme, De Spoelberch, De Mevius