Monolith 2020

It is an open secret that Area 51 expertises in extra terrestrial scientific experiments.

Many people have witnessed, and have acknowledged of several unusual sightings of mysterious objects; near this suspiciously isolated and protected region of federal government.

The recent mystery that’s taking our curiosity, under its smoky wings, is the series of Metal Monoliths appearing and disappearing in multiple locations around the globe.

Staying fixed at a single location for not more than a week or so, these objects are throwing multiple questions at us.

In November 2020, a group of biologists pointed out the 3 metre tall shiny metal obelisk in the Utah canyon.

Social media became stormed with numerous pictures, videos, and reels of the monolith. But strangely, the object disappeared in a week’s time, to be seen again in California, Canada, Nevada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Romania.

All happened in the span of a month’s time; from November to December, 2020. 

Probably more sightings will follow up soon.

But, is it truly related to any sort of extra-terrestrial activities? Is it really, what some are speculating to be a super intelligent artefact?? Is the smell directing to another Area 51 mystery?? 

Let’s take a dive.

The monolith mystery can be related to some advanced scientific program:

Teleportation is a long existing discussion among the pioneers of Quantum physicists and Science popularisers.

As per many theorists, everything is a piece of information, and therefore can be easily teleported or transferred from one place to another, at the speed of light via signals.

So the explanation can be simply planted, that this Monolith is used as a test subject for a teleportation experiment! Now this might sound a bit ‘faux’ in nature, but the possibilities are not to be washed away so easily.

In 21st century, ample quantum tunnelling projects are on the move, and we are already seeing several applications of it, in our day to day life. An example of it is the LED bulbs and lights.

Quantum Tunnelling is the basis of teleportation; where we can make one particle disappear on one side of an obstacle, and make it appear on the other side without any collision. In easy words, it can mean you can phase through a wall just like that!

Not to overlook the fact, the monoliths are having a unibody structure, with a polished appearance that reduces friction!

So, is this Monolith a project work of any advanced underground scientific program? Guess time will provide the answers, if one day teleportation becomes a common affair!

The Governments did not try to secure the Monoliths:

Given the structure of the Monoliths, and the curiosities surrounding it; it is very hard to believe that the Governments of the respective countries did not show any interest, in securing the objects.

These Monoliths popped up, out of nowhere, and disappeared in plain sight! People took selfies with it, shared it on the social media, and grabbed attention of the whole word; but there was no sign of the Government or Armed Forces in the scenes.

Even a small Punk Graffiti gets noticed by the Government, but the Monoliths seemed to have no impact at all!

This is when our attention is turning to Area 51, and its highly classified projects. All Government and Public Organisations do their best to keep Area 51 under the Classified mark. No one knows exactly what’s going on in this United States Air-Force Facility.

Quite astonishingly, one of the monoliths also appeared in Nevada, where Area 51 is located!

So, is this some sort of an Area 51 initiated scientific escapade? Does it seriously involve extra-terrestrial intelligence?
The answers will be always remaining gloomy and clouded, just like alien abduction theories, time travels, Bermuda triangle, Alcatraz prison, and so on.