Bloodhound SSC is a jet engined rocket car which will travel in 2013 (may be 2014) more than 1000 miles/hour and will break previous highest speed over land ( ThrustSSC car) by more than 33% faster.
In Science Museum , London, October 28th, 2008 Bloodhound Project was declared by team leader Andy Green and Richard Noble.
Richard Noble was chief engineer in Thrust2 project ( this car was driven in Nevada desert, 1983, at a speed 633 mph or 1,019 km/hour). Andy Noble was a pilot in Royal Air Force and he broke previous record of Thrust2 after driving ThrustSSC at a speed of 763 mph or 1,228 kilometres/hour. Both of them are mastermind in this Bloodhound Project.

  • Location choice is very important for this project because if anything goes wrong in the track may cause serious casualty and failure of the entire project. From 1935 to 1980, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah was best place but in 1982 Richard Noble’s metal wheeled jet car got some difficulties there . So they looked for new place and finally they achieved Thrust2 speed record in Black Rock Desert which is an alkali playa surface. Andy Green also made his ThrustSSC record there. That’s why it is eventually became first choice for Bloodhound SSC. But due to lack of rain for 10 years and heavy use for the playa surface (Burning Man festival) made this place unsuitable.
    • They sort out total 14 places over world , 8 in United States , Turkey-1 ,South Africa-1, Australia-4. India and Bolivia were also in the list but security was major concern in this 2 country.
    • However after scrutinizing each places, they settled down to Verneuk Pan in the Northern Cape region of South Africa.

    Team Of BloodHound-SSC

    • Project Director-Richard Noble.
    • Driver-Andy Green
    • Chief Engineer- Mark Chapman
    • Chief of Aerodynamics- Ron Ayers
    • Design Engineer- Mark Elvin
    • with other members.

    Design and Technical Details

    • Length- 44 feet or 13.47 metres.
    • Max height 3 metres or 9 ft 2 inches.
    • Full fuelled car weight – 7786 kg.
    • Maximum Speed at which Bloodhound SSC can run – 1,690 km/h.
    • 0-1600 km/hr -in just 42 seconds.
    • Length of track-19km.
    • Wheels RPM -10,000.
    • Engine:

      EJ200 Jet engine, Hybrid Rocket engine, Auxiliary Power Unit.

    • Brakes:
      Air Brake (will be used at speed of 1300 kmph)
      Parachutes (deployed at a speed of 960).
      Disc brake (deployed at 320 kmph)

    G force over Driver Andy Green
    As Bloodhound SSC will accelerate form 0 to 1600 km with in 42 seconds , driver Andy Green will have to experience more than 2.5 G force over him and this will shift his blood to his Head (Red OUT) and similarly when he will slow down his car , blood will shift towards his leg (Black OUT and he may become unconscious)
    Estimated Cost about 15 million pound for this project and all fund was raised by sponsorship.
    Visit Bloodhound SSC official website.
    Photos Of Supersonic Bloodhound SSC