Tortoises roaming on the streets of Kolkata, India

Many regions, including Kolkata, were floating for days. It was also observed on Kolkata’s streets. A gigantic tortoise, not a tortoise, was also roaming on the street. Residents of Indrani Park neighbourhood near Charumarket police station were surprised to see this large tortoise wandering the streets. As the spread of news, more and more people came to witness it for themselves.

Meanwhile, the locals people contacted the Charu Market police station and informed that the tortoise was roaming around. Upon receiving the news, the police came to Indrani Park. The tortoise was rescued. Later it was seen that the weight of the tortoise was 12 kg 700.

Tortoise is now under Forest Department’s Care

The police handed over the tortoise to the forest department. The forest department is investigating the species of tortoise. And where did the tortoise come from on the city streets? The Forest Department estimates there is a large pond in Indrani Park. The tortoise may have lived in this pond. In the rain it came up on the road. In rural areas, the phenomenon of fish coming ashore in the rainy season is not new. But the sight of turtles roaming the city streets has caught the eye of many.

Fishes are on road

The picture of misery in the city has also come to the fore in the last two days of heavy rains. The water of the canal has risen in the area. Fish are falling into the net on the pitch road in front of the house in Baranagar. However, the picture of clear water suffering with this happiness. Live fish in the net! Putti, Morla (Local name, small fish) is jumping. This scene is rare in urban life!

But in the continuous rain, the picture was caught on the streets of Baranagar. In front of Prashant Chandra Mahlanbish College, the whole area was flooded with water from the lake. However, this fish is a picture of clear water suffering with happiness. Submerged Rabindranath Bharati University premises. The locals have to reach the work place after crossing the knee water.

Kolkata became Venice and boats were on the road.

On the other hand, the boat landed in the town in the pouring rain. Housing in Newtown is full of water … the residents have arranged to travel by boat.

The boat also sailed in the Bidhanpalli area of ​​Belur in Ward 55 of Howrah Municipality. Boats are arranged by the local club for those who have to go out in an emergency. Besides, Belur underpass is still submerged today. Locals are crossing the railway line at risk.