Gorillas are herbivorous apes that live in the forest and feed on roots, fruits, leaves and vines where they inhabited the forests of central Africa. Their DNA is similar to those of humans that is from 95 to 99 percent. Scientists believe that humans originated from gorilla which is not true because no clear facts have yet been provided. Also, there was no Gorilla seen to transform to human. Although, religion explains that we were created by a supreme being who is God where this believe is seen to have the most truth in it. However, gorillas have many similar characteristics to humans and tend to bring a connection between the human beings and the animals as both children and adults enjoy seeing these apes.

The genus of the gorillas is divided into two the western gorillas and the eastern gorillas. The eastern gorilla is darker in color while the western gorilla is brown or grayish, with a reddish forehead. Their hands are longer than their limbs where they can walk more upright than the monkeys and have a more developed brain. They live in groups called troops where mature males tend to leave their groups and establish their own troops by attracting immigrant females. The troops are made of an adult silverback and multiple of adult females. However, when a male silverback dies, the female and their offspring disperse to find a new troop.

Most people love gorillas because they often have wonderful characteristics. These animals are seen to have emotions they can get angry or also be happy. It was in the news that a young woman Tasy had been reunited with gorillas she knew from her childhood where she received a heartwarming welcome from the gorillas and they sniffed her before recognizing her scent. The gorilla mothers also have an emotional attachment for their kids where the mothers will do their very best to protect their siblings. They suckle their young ones at least once an hour. The siblings also depend on their mother for food.

The mothers develop a deep bond with their young ones where also there is a bond among the troop members. Therefore, in the troop a lot of interaction and communication is expected since they can fight and give up their lives for another. Gorillas have their own way of communicating where they use different sounds to get across information to each other. Gorillas also beat their chest, scream and roar as a way of communicating. Gorillas do not attack unless provoked that is why they can relate well with humans. Also, the young ones of the gorilla learn from the older one such as being able to feed themselves. Thus, a selfless attitude is observed while protecting one of their own.

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