Top Tiger Facts

Tigers are considered one of the most fascinating creatures out there in the world.

There are a lot of information to learn about them so get ready to discover some wonderful events of tiger. They will help you gain more insight on life and even the future of these animals.

1. Every single tiger in the world has its own distinct pattern of stripes.

This is one of the easiest ways to distinguish them from each other. These bands are used to help the tiger hiding in their natural environment but so they can sneak up on their prey.

2. They the largest subspecies of tiger is the Siberian tiger.

3. There are six subspecies of tigers in the world and three more are known to be extinct.

The six other subspecies of tigers are classified as endangered species.

4. All subspecies of tigers are extremely territorial.

5. Tigers are solitary.

They are mostly loners except when they are courting, mating, and rearing their offspring in the case of women.

6. Tiger means “arrow”.

The tiger came from the Greek word work “tigris”, which is derived from a Persian word meaning arrow, probably the name came to be because of the comparison between the speed of the animal and arrow, or because River Tigris.

7. Tigers are 2 million years.

The oldest fossils of tigers are believed to be about 2 million years. They were found in various areas of China.

8. Bengal tigers are seriously endangered.

There are believed to be less than 2,000 Bengal tigers left in the world. However, they are not the most endangered subspecies, is the South China tiger subspecies with fewer individuals left.

9. Tiger mix.

There are certain types of hybrid tigers there. Most of them have been bred in captivity rather than engaging in this on their own in the wild. What is known as Liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger. A tigon is a cross between a lion and a male tiger. Mostly men in these two hybrids are sterile but females can breed successfully. The creation of such hybrids is still very common in zoos across China.

10. White tigers are the result of a genetic mutation.

White tigers are extremely rare in the wild. Both parents must have a mutated gene for this color occur. They are often high for this coloration in zoos, but the result is a lot of inbreeding. This is why white tigers are more likely to develop serious health problems and physical deformities than other types of tigers.

11. The Maltese tiger.

The Maltese tiger or blue tiger features a black and blue dye. Most of the Tiger Maltese are known to be subspecies of South China, which is sub-species most at risk.

12. Tigers do not have an easy life.

It may surprise you that these hunters calculated only to the killing of one in 20 attempts.

13. Tigers are excellent swimmers.

Tigers are excellent swimmers and are often found during the day relaxing in ponds, streams and rivers. They seek water to cool off on hot days and they are even able to make prey in water.

14. Some tigers are killers of man

Tigers have killed more humans than any other cat in the world. This has probably obey the fact that humans have invaded their habitat.

15. Some are famous Tigers.

Tigger Winnie the Pooh series is one of the most recognized tigers in the world. Millions of dollars are made annually on sales of toys, games and shows with this character.

16. Tigers are very popular.

The tiger was recently named the favorite animal of the people through a poll conducted by Animal Planet. The dog was the animal nearest the top of this ranking.

17. Tigers depend on size of their habitat

Tigers in the north are larger than those in the South based on their range of habitat and size of prey that they have at their disposal. By the same token tigers in the north have lighter coloring than those living in the South.

18. A tiger can leap up to 33 feet at a time.

19. Tigers are smaller than males in each subspecies.

20. There are an estimated 12,000 tigers in captivity than in the United States.

It is recorded that tigers in the wild.

Snow or a white tiger is an endangered species found in the Himalayas, India and China. White tigers are biologically the same species as the Bengal tiger. Genetically it is a bit like brown hair (Bengal) or blonde hair (Snow Tiger). Like parents with brown hair can sometimes produce blond children, so dark Bengal tigers can sometimes produce snow or white tigers.
There is only one species of tiger, Panthera tigris. The variations are subspecies with well-defined ranges and characteristics, but able to cross between if they respond.
How many bands do you thing a tiger? Guy guessed 20, Will guessed 50, we were both a long way, tigers have over 100 bands.
The Tigers have eyespots on the ears. They display these ocelli in various ways so that other tigers can judge their mood, for example, playful, aggressive or drowsy.
At the mouth of the Ganges in Bangladesh is the Sundarbans mangrove forest. This house area one of the largest groups of tigers in the world. In addition, unlike other tigers, Bengal subspecies that kill humans that roam its territory. Although old or injured tigers from other subspecies kill humans when they are hungry, Bengal tigers are the only group where a tiger up healthy and tigers become man-eaters.

Relatively recently people realize that tigers only attack from behind, so if they must go into the mangroves, then a mask on the back of their head really offer protection against attacks by tigers.
Cartoons often show tigers open their claws like knives switchblade. There is a grain of truth in this caricature in that tigers have sharp retractable claws 4In. Moreover, they have five toes on their front feet, but only four on the hind legs.
There are many collective nouns for tigers. Wills favorite band name is an “ambush of tigers,” while Guy prefers a “fast tigers.” Other names for a collection of tigers, a streak and also a skin. In truth, these are all collective nouns for tigers are unusual or obscure concepts, because tigers are solitary animals. Females and males did meet briefly to mate, if you see a group of tigers and their cubs with a female adolescent.
The names of both sexes of this animal are interesting, the female is the tiger, but the male, could it tom? or a bull? No, the correct name for a tiger father or son is the tiger. It seems a characteristic of the cat family where the name for the male is the same as the tiger species – the tiger and lion as the animal, the lion the name of the male.

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