• The Dead Sea – not a sea actually it is a salt-water lake.
  • Only sea where no organic lives could survive due to high salinity of water
  • Lowest point in surface of earth is the Dead sea. 400 metre’s below sea level
  • World’s saltiest water ( large water body) salinity more than 3000 mg/l.
  • It’s name dead because of the facts that here no lives found.
  • Cleopatra loved this sea. She build cosmetic shop along side of this sea.
  • It is 3 millions years old.
  • Located between Jordan and Israel and it is 67 kilometres long and 18 kilometres wide.
  • Minerals which are found here — calcium, iodine, saline, potassium, bromide and so on. Composition of Dead Sea Water
    Calcium sulfate ( Ca SO4)0.70
    Magnesium bromide (MgBr2)0.90
    Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) 12.30
    Calcium chloride (CaCl2)3.46
    Natrium chloride 8.55
    Potassium chloride (KCl)1.07
  • From different river and streams only flows into it but no outflow from it.
  • Taste of water is not salty but heavily bitter. surprising but it’s true
  • Different skin diseases like psoriasis, pemphigus vulgaris, eczema, dry skin may cure after bathing in it.
  • Only water where one can float without swimming.
  • In ancient history for mummification dead’s sea mud was used by Egyptian.
  • “The Stinky Sea” was another name of it century ago.
  • Dead sea is near to a desert and that’s why it’s climate is very dry and sunny.
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