Sultan Kosen is currently the Tallest Living Man–according to Guinness World Records

  • Height– 8ft 3 inch or 251 centimetres.
  • Born on-10th December 1982 (Mardin, Turkey). His parents and all siblings( 3 brothers and a sister) are of normal height.
  • What made him so tall?- Kosen had tumour of pituitary origin that secrets growth hormone. this leads to Gigantism.
  • Treatment–After Gamma Knife( one type of laser treatment to destroy tissue) therapy in University of Virginia Medical School by Dr. Sheehan, his growth stopped. His GH hormone level are normal now. This treatment started in 2010 and took 2 yr to complete.
  • He is fine now but have to use crutches.
  • Jobs–his family are farmer in occupation and he also helps that.
  • Records–Tallest living man(8ft 3 inch and only 10 confirmed people could cross 8ft according to guinness)
    He also hold the records of Widest hand span , Largest hands (11.22 inches) and Largest feet(14.4 inches) on a living person. His shoe size is 28.