Solomon Islands
Capital – Honiara.
Total Population – 523,000.
Total Land Area– 28,400 sq km or 11,000 sq miles.
It is a sovereign country. It consists of large number of Ocean islands( Six major and 900 small islands).
4000 years ago large number of Melanesian people settled in Solomon islands.
Spanish came there in 16th century (gold rush period) but eventually they left and British captured in 1893 but in world war 2 Japaneses seized this islands. They made self Government in 1976 and
got independence from British in 7 July 1978.

Major Economy depends on fishing , agriculture , tourism and forestry .
Official Language -English
Currency – Solomon Islands dollar (SBD).

Best Tourist attraction

Rennell and Bellona Island – world Heritage site. Famous for wreck diving.They are in Polynesian.

Mataniko Falls and Tenaru Falls – In capital city Honiara. Crystal clear water where tourist can swim and relax.

Aola Bay
Gateway of Solomon Islands.

Santa Cruz Islands
Vanuatu rain forests is in this islands.
In this Eco Forest you can find different types of trees with broad leaf.
Other Tourist attraction spots are
Cave of the Custom Shark
Marovo Lagoon
Kennedy Island
Langarana Island
Kinugawa Maru – Bonegi II
Skull Island

Photos Of Solomon Islands