Carlos Slim Helu is the richest person in the world as of October 2014 worth $81.2 billion. Thus, he is the CEO of telecommunication companies Telex and America Movil where America Movil is the largest latin mobile phone carrier as in 2010. The company earned him US $49 billion of his wealth. He also founded three nonprofit organizations in Mexico City that are for health care, education, and arts, downtown restoration and sports.

Bill Gates is at present is the richest man in America he is worth 80 billion where he is also ranked the second richest in the world. He is the co-founder of Microsoft that is the largest computer software in the world. Bill gates held the position of a CEO in the Microsoft Company. He gets viewed as a Peoples man where he and his wife founded a charity called Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It got established in the year 2000 where he contributed a huge amount of money to the charity. In the same year, Gates ended up stepping down as the CEO of Microsoft. He disclosed that he would be working Part-time at the Microsoft Company and thus joined full time at the Bill and Melinda foundation.

Warren Buffet is the CEO and chairman of the Berkshire Hatchway’s largest shareholder worth US$ 67 billion. He got ranked as the third wealthiest in the world where in 2014, his share was US $ 200000 for the first time. Warren buffet contributed much of his stock to charities and also was announced as the finest money manager of the twentieth century by the Carson group. However, recently Buffet and Bill Gates are named as the most influential people.

Amancio Ortega is the executive founding chairman of Inditex fashion group best known for its clothing and accessories that are worth US $ 65.6 billion. He got ranked as the world’s fourth richest person. Thus, he is seen as a rich and a simple man where since 1999 he goes to the same coffee shop every day. Also avoids to wearing a tie and typically wears simple uniform of a blue blazer. Moreover, he is said to get involved in the manufacture and design process in the company. Amancio Ortega announced his retirement from the Inditex Company in 2011 stating that he would ask Pablo Isla to take his place in the textile industry.

Larry Ellison is an American businessman the co-founder of Oracle Corporation and enterprise software. He got ranked as the fifth wealthiest man in the world. He is worth 49.7 billion. He was the CEO of the company until lately on September 2014 where he declared he was stepping down to become a co-CEO. In response of the September 11th terrorist attacks, he offered to donate software for the federal government that would enable it to built and run a national identification database.

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