Do you know why every clock company shows in their advertisement 10 10 time ?

There are many believes about this.
But definite answer is somehow vague till now.

1> This is one of the most popular believe that President of USA, Abraham Lincoln , was shot on 14th April, 1865 at 10.10 pm and 35 seconds. Watch manufacturers decided to show this time in their advertisement to show their respect to this leader.

But historians are not agree in this fact because Abraham Lincoln was shot at 10.15 pm and died on next morning around 7.22 am.

2> Timex one of the biggest company in this industry had confirmed that they prefers this time because it looks like a smile face. 🙂 and it was acceptable to all other company eventually.

Previously when Industry used 8.20 time , It looked very unhappy and frowned face. 🙁

3> Another ideas which was also heard from Timex that this placement of hands in clock makes easier to show their Company Logo.

Photos Of Clock showing time and President Abraham Lincoln

(all images of President Lincoln are CC licensed)