Deepak Paswaan, Ten year old Indian Boy , from Bihar, was suffering from Parasitic until his operation done in October, 2010 by six surgeons in Fortis Hospital. His parents and doctor who delivered him was astonished when they found that Deepak had 8 limbs. Immediately his parents brought him to city hospital but doctors couldn’t do anything because it might cost his life and suggested them to wait for few years till he became mature enough so that he could tolerate this long operation and made them aware that he mightn’t survive because case fatality rate is extremely high in Parasitic twin.

Local media gave him a name “The Eight-Limbed Boy” and his story grabbed enough attention. Some considered this innocent baby was possessed by demon and they stayed away from him. Even his school friends avoided him.

Volunteers from Bihar ( a state in India) gathered few money for his operation but that was not enough because operation cost was about $50,000 (in Indian Currencies it is 25,00,000 INR).

Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, offered their family to operate him without any cost.
His mother, Indu and father, veeresh were brought along with Deepak and they stayed there 15 days before operation for preliminary check up. During Imaging process it was revealed that this parasitic part had a major blood circulation from Deepak’s heart and Doctors had to clip it very quickly otherwise he might not survived. There was also major chances of infection and other possibilities as his liver and intestines were in sharing stage but led Doctor Dr Ramcharan Thiagrajan decided not to waste time anymore.

Operation was done in October 2010 without any major complications .

Dr Ramcharan Thiagrajan told

“This is a very rare phenomenon and only a small proportion of babies with parasitic twins live. We are very happy with the results. Due to all the mockery and stigma he has faced he is very restless and nervous. But now, after this successful operation and counseling, he will lead a normal life.”

His mother Indu

“There was a major artery connecting Deepak to the twin, and if that had not been clipped properly, it would have put Deepak’s life in danger. Me and his dad waited at the hospital while Deepak spent four hours in surgery. We sat hoping and praying that he would be okay.

‘Once we found out he’d made it through, we were so relieved. All of the fear left us and suddenly all we could see was a brighter future for Deepak. He sometimes tells us that his father cut off the twin and threw it away in the fields, other than that, he hardly ever talks about it. He’s too busy running around with his friends – he could never do that before as the twin weighed him down and he’d quickly get out of breath”

He is now absolutely normal and just like any other adolescent boy and only reminder is a 6 inches scar.

Photos Of Parasitic Twin – The Eight Limbed Boy Deepak

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