Palawan Island located in the Palawan Province, Philippines. It extends from the South China Sea in the north to the Sulu Sea in its southern coast. It is the largest island in its area. In 2007, it has been appraised as the best island in the regions of East and Southeast Asia by the National Geographic Traveler magazine. It is also assessed as the 13th world’s best island because of its “incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes”. It is a classical underdeveloped island with rich wildlife, jungles, mountains and white sandy beaches. It is a popular tourist attraction. It also enjoys the status of being a Biosphere Reserve for its initiation to conserve our resources by promoting sustainable development since early 1990s. Famous attractions of the island include Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm which are among the seven working units of the Bureau of Corrections. It is regarded as the ultimate island with immense diversity in terms of terrestrial and marine species. The island was highlighted in the news due to the incident of illegal transportation of a fully loaded fishing vessel with poached animals when the vessel meet with a disaster on a coral reef of the coast of Palawan Island.

Photos Of Palawan Island