Oleander Flower Official Flower In Hiroshima

Oleander flower is the official flower in Hiroshima. Because it was the first flower which bloomed after Atomic bomb explosion.

Few Facts About Oleander

  • Nerium oleander– dogbane family Apocynaceae
  • It is toxic plant.
  • All parts are toxic but most toxic is seeds. Toxic compound is oleandrin and oleandrigenin, known as cardiac glycosides. Only 80-100 gm of oleander parts are enough to kill a big horse. Digoxin Immune Fab is the treatment of choice in case of Oleander poisoning.
  • It is cultivated all over world.
  • Height of oleander tree is -6ft to 20 ft.
  • generally leaves are in pairs or three. It’s color is dark leathery green.
  • It is cultivate to decorate landscape, road, park, garden. That’s why it is called as Ornamental Plant
  • Sometimes it is suggested as treatment Of Cancer.
  • Photos Of Oleander