Many children roam through the streets to search for food and find shelter on railways platform  or on  routes or anywhere in poor countries and in developing countries like India. A lot of people turn to help them. Many, by the way, turn away to avoid helping them. It’s obvious. Not everyone in the world is kind-hearted. Kanta Didimani in India is one of the ones to come forward. The Kanta famous Story teaches us the significant of nobility.  

Teacher -disciple: Teacher Kanta Chakraborty with Preeti 

Preeti’s Fight for Food

The girl named Preeti roams the streets to search for food. Her parents couldn’t even contemplate of her going to school because of the financial circumstances. When she observed her peers carrying school bags onto her shoulders, how could a small child feel. The aunt of the neighbourhood, she understood. She rang the girl’s mother one day on her way to working as a maid and appeared with her two sisters at Dumdum station. Since then, since 2006, they have grown up in Kanta Didimani School. This year’s border of Perolen College is Little Preeti Kumari, who has wandered around the neighbourhood of Didimani. As a first class commercial graduate she is the pride of Kanta Didimani Pathshala. 

The result didn’t please Madhyami. Preeti would have retreated in shame and guilt, who passed the second section. She went to high school and went through the first class. After graduating in the first class this time from East Calcutta Girls College, the girl has no holder. The job test is in full gear, together with postgraduate acceptance. During the past two years, she prepared the WBCS examination in Barasat. 

Preeti’s Feeling

How do you feel?  A peaceful smile on her lips, the young lady said, “Good. My grandma’s happy, I feel better.” The news is familiar to the parents? Just remember them?  “Don’t look at the parents. I was pretty young here. I came here. Since I wasn’t there. ” Fat worker of the Coal Shop 

“Why only them? Everyone here has come from such an environment. On the way to school, I saw most of them sitting in the corner of the station drunk! Today’s Preeti, Priya, Sarabanu, Shabnam, Doel, Mainara may not be able to explain the result of their and my struggle. ” Teacher Kanta Chakraborty said the words in one breath. 

Her education started from the DumDum railway platform

She began education on Dumdum Station’s number one platform 14 years ago alongside street youngsters. Everybody’s students. Kantadir is strongly opposed to calling them student, however. “My daughters are them. Now I’ve got 20 girls.” The rules of Gurugriha here are the same. They grow up following particular routines in the stern eye and love of Didimani. Because of corona, the platform class was closed. They don’t reside in hawkers’ house anymore. Didimani rents and maintains a house. The afternoon courses take place in front of the ticket desk on the premises of Dumdum Metro. They construct arts and scientific projects like this in order to spend the time. 

Also a Champion in Karate and sketching

The blue belt of Karate carries Preity’s paintbrush of leisure. Numerous sketching and karate medals have been awarded. I like ice cream and chicken biryani. Like the sea, very much. This wasn’t the movie, it’s the Doraemon’s cartoon bug. Surrounded by dodimani are Digha, Puri and Murshidabad. 

As kids grow up, the station’s hawkers, the cops and the subway uncles reside next to them. The news of love is also pleasing to you. “I’ve watched this endeavour for the past 10 years,” remarked a metro official. Working together is a much larger word. But in this task, we all have help.” 

How are you, Grandma? Too furious? “As Durga Thakur, so are the girls’ answers. Moves with all the children. The children. I get all the wonderful stuff, everything I desire. My mum didn’t comprehend. Moms may be like that.” 

Sister Cyril 

Kanta recalls Didimani’s little attempt for another individual. She has been known for his six decades of unfailing efforts in this city and his relentless efforts to erase educational inequities. At the age of 20, the girl that left Ireland was captivated to this country’s destitute and wretched youngsters. By discovering them and organising free education, Sister Cyril is still an example of society. Child labour, several programmes with troubled youngsters, teachers’ particular training projects – all his creation. In February 2016, Sister Cyril left the nation abruptly. He was almost compelled to quit, many stated. Many hope that Kantadis will take many more moves. By holding their hands, Preetira gets the direction of life.