This is the first museum under the sea in Greece.

A magnificent museum at the bottom of the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Innumerable things scattered under the sea. There are ancient shipwrecks. There are 2,500 year old wine barrels. All have been carefully arranged.

And people have gathered to see all this. Oxygen mask on face, wearing diver’s clothes. Many people are crowding to see this underground arrangement.

This is the first underwater museum in Greece. The museum is located under the clear waters of the Aegean Sea on the island of Alonisos in the country. The museum was officially launched last year. Don’t miss out. The gathering of visitors was stopped. The doors of this museum have finally been opened to the public this year.

One of the people who came to see the underwater event – a museum of a special and unique style. A wonderful combination of diving and archeology. It will feel as if history has been immersed.

However, visitors will have to pay extra to travel around the world at the bottom of the sea. You have to pay 95 euros or 110 dollars every time you go there. It costs about 50 percent more than regular scuba diving. There will be professional guides to help visitors while visiting this water-museum. An archaeologist will be with you. He will introduce the visitors to the various antiques related to the sea and expeditions in the sea.

Greece’s economy has been hit hard by the Corona. The country has paid special attention to tourism as a solution. The country hopes that this underwater museum will attract tourists.

Greece’s tourism minister, Harry Theoharis, said special licenses had been passed last year to attract domestic and foreign visitors to tourist destinations such as this exceptional museum. It is hoped that these tourist centers will be full of people walking throughout the year.