Note it and be safe from these insects!!!!!

1) Mosquito



Kingdom:       Animalia
Phylum:         Arthropoda
Class:             Insecta
Order:            Diptera
Superfamily:   Culicoidea
Family:            Culicidae
Mosquitoes are the deadliest creature in the animal kingdom. It has a wide variety that can lead to many deadly diseases’ likely malaria, dengue, West Nile, Zika, lymphatic Filariasis. Being a humble insect also, it can kill more than 7,00,000 people in 365 days i.e., one year, which is quite dangerous. In the year of 2017, malaria has killed more than 4,35,000 people in a year.
This insect is having a maxillary palp which can easily CO2 to come out from our breath and thus it guides us. Thereafter, mosquitoes suck up the blood up to three times more than their weight with their elongated mouthparts. There is an amazing fact about mosquitoes is they are in love with beer lovers because of the ethanol component in beer which them more towards their target. Besides this, mosquitoes also prefer O-type blood.

2) Kissing Bug



Kingdom:        Animalia

Phylum:           Arthropoda

Class:               Insecta

Order:              Hemiptera

Family:             Reduviidae

Subfamily:       Triatominae

The 130 members of the subfamily namely “Triatominae” are known as kissing bugs or vampire bugs. These bugs are popular with the name of “kissing bugs” because they used to bite human beings around the soft tissue of the mouth. These bugs are generally found in America and few parts of Asia, Africa, and Australia.

As per the research, they mainly feed on vertebrates, but some species are there that mainly feed on invertebrates. The places where Chagas disease occurs, Triatominae are the potential vectors. This can kill nearly 12,000 people in a year. Many people are asymptomatic with Chagas disease but some of them tend to have heart disease 10-30 years after getting infected and thus leads to heart failure.


3) Indian Red Scorpion



Kingdom:         Animalia

Phylum:            Arthropoda

Subphylum:      Chelicerata

Class:                Arachnida

Order:               Scorpiones

Family:              Buthidae

Genus:              Hottentotta

Species:            H. tamulus

In the world, there are nearly 1,500 varieties of scorpions, but among them, the Indian Red Scorpion is the most venomous creature. This scorpion can be easily found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka because it mainly targets barefooted children.

Generally, scorpions are shy by nature, nocturnal arachnids but they will sting when they are threatened. After getting infected, you feel like vomiting, sweating, severe pain, breathing problem as well as high & low blood pressure along heart rate. This can affect the lungs and heart leads to death in some cases. Antivenom has a light effect on the bite but blood pressure medication Parazosin has reduced the death rate by 4%. Many Indians keep Indian Red Scorpion as a pet because other scorpions glow in blacklight.