Manuel Uribe-World’s fattest or heaviest man.

Manuel was born on 11th june, 1965 Mexico(Monterrey, Nuevo León). He married at 22 years age (1987) and shifted to USA for jobs. After failed to get any works, he started selling Tacos which his wife prepared and he also ate them which was not saled. Few months later, He was appointed as a type writer. This type of bad life style made his weight to cross 597 kg (1,320 lb). In the mean time his wife also left him and he was bedridden from 2001.

“I used to ask God to please send me a woman who would love me as I am,”–Manuel Uribe

and God sent Claudia Solis.

“I’m so thankful that he sent me Claudia. I know if she loves me as I am now, with this problem that I have, she’ll love me when I’m finally able to walk again.”

They met when Claudia visited him to tell that her then husband, school friend of Manuel, had died due to over weight’s complications. she very passionately looked after and inspired Manuel to start special “Zone” diet [prescribed by Dr Barry Sears, it is a combination of carbohydrate(40%) proteins(30%) and fat(30%)-and for him it was suggested to take daily 2000kcal with only 6 meals of egg white, chicken fajitas, salad, fish fillet]. After following this diet strictly, he lost 360 kg by October 2008. And he still maintain this diet and his weighs now just 200 kg (February 2012).

Marriage–He married Claudia Solis in October 26th , 2008 . She was 38 years and 5 years younger than Manuel. This marriage was broadcast by History Tv as documentary “The World’s Heaviest Man Gets Married”. Dressed white silk shirt and sheet wrapped around his lower parts he told

“I am proof that you can find love in any circumstances. It’s all a question of faith. I have a wife and will form a new family and live a happy life”.

Though he now lives in Dallas, Texas but marriage organised in his native place- MONTERREY, Mexico.
He was carried in a flat bed truck with satin sheets and peach and yellow roses garland. Two police patrol car guarded him. Only 400 near friend was invited.

Manuel stared at Claudia wearing a strapless ivory dress, a tiara and hot-pink lipstick and broked tears when notary declared them as husband and wife.

Manuel’s mother Orquedia Garza told when he poorly gazed at five-tier wedding cake.

“He didn’t break his diet, and His doctors are here and they are watching him very closely.”

When everybody asked about his Honeymoon he told

“We will have one, but it will be here in my house, I can’t travel yet.”

His now moto is not only to walk in his own feet but also help others suffering from same problem.
He started campaign through his website.

Records–Worlds 2nd heaviest man ever( Jon Brower Minnoch was first). and heaviest living man during 2000-2006. As he losses nearly 400 kg in few years he requested Guinness to consider him as “The World’s Greatest Loser of Weight” but Jon Brower Minnoch currently holds this records after losing 419 kg in only 16 months.


UPDATE ( Manuel Uribe died)

Manuel Uribe died on Monday(26th May, 2014)  at 48 years age. On may 2nd , he was admitted in hospital for arrhythmia (abnormal heart beat) , he had also Liver problem. Though the cause of death hasn’t yet declared by doctor till now.  We pray to God , for his soul to stay in peace.


**** Cause of Manuel Uribe death – Atrial Fibrillation with internal bleeding diathesis due to low potassium level and low clotting factor ( because of Liver Failure)****