What is loneliness?

Loneliness is defined as the inability to create and sustain social interactions, as well as a lack of social skills and personality qualities. The feeling of loneliness sets in at this point. Loneliness is a distressing emotional condition, according to German psychiatrist Fram Richmann. They have specifically connected loneliness to general human discontent. Unhappiness, sadness, anxiety, emptiness, and loneliness are all common feelings. 

Loneliness is a perception of the mind

Loneliness does not mean being alone in a relationship or being alone. Rather it is such a perception of the mind; Which makes our mind completely detached from all external communication. For example, you may feel lonely among friends or in the office. Dear parents, you are feeling lonely next to your brothers and sisters or to the person you love. Your mind may be wanting something or being alone. Sometimes you get frustrated thinking that you can’t find what you want. 

Loneliness is the emotional turmoil created by the disruption between our ideal and perceived social relationships. Loneliness comes from that loneliness. 

There are moments in every human life when this loneliness consumes him. Again, some people choose to live alone. Those who choose this life on their own may accustom themselves to being alone for the sake of being better, but those who, after the change of time, lose their way and lead a lonely life of loneliness, constantly blaming themselves for their lives, never putting the GOD in the book of guilt. 

Types of Loneliness

Whatever the definition, it needs to be solved. To remedy a problem, you must first understand what is causing the issue. What causes people to be lonely? Loneliness can be caused by a variety of factors. The following are the special reasons: 

Self-centered loneliness 

From a young age, such persons suffer from loneliness. They appear to be different from everyone else despite a thousand noises and delights. They enjoy being alone. They’re both sorrowful and opulent. 

Loneliness in social situations 

People like this are antisocial. They are always filled with fear, humiliation, disdain, and narrow-mindedness. They deny themselves social relationships, hospitality, pleasure, and legal rights. Excess weight, physical appearance, financial insecurity, a lack of confidence, and low morale are all thought to be factors. 

Intellectual loneliness 

Such loneliness is noticeable among intellectuals and individuals driven by excessive ego. Their personalities do not match with many because their thinking is different. So, in many cases, they suffer from such loneliness. 

Mental loneliness 

Many people refer to it as a mental disorder. They are at ease when they are alone. They are feeling lonely. They are unable to discuss anything with others since they are experiencing mental anguish and uncertainty. 

Spiritual loneliness 

They’re polar opposites. Type thinking is what the saint monk thinks. They are not involved in any relationships because they believe in the belief “I arrived alone, I will go alone, there is no one in the world.” They desire to be alone and enjoy life. Loneliness affects so many of them.  

Loneliness can be caused by a variety of factors, in addition to these. 

When the parents do not understand the child or when the child disobeys the parents, both parties suffer in loneliness. The new situation, the new school leads to loneliness in college. Children feel lonely about fragile family members or parental imbalances in the family. Divorce, reluctant forced marriage, lack of relaxation or understanding about relationships, failure in love, unemployment, classification, minority communities and different cultures, financial insecurity and physical discomfort. 

Loneliness, whatever its source, must be eradicated. Because long-term loneliness has a negative impact on people’s health. Loneliness causes a person’s blood pressure to rise and their immune system to deteriorate.  They can easily suffer from depression or dementia (neurological disorders such as dementia or thought disorders), and even heart disease. Blood pressure may rise. Decreased immunity, heart disease, and dementia are all symptoms of a weakened immune system.  Sudden death in the elderly can also occur. People who are lonely are not only sad, but they are also on the verge of dying. 

The methods listed below may be beneficial in removing any type of loneliness. 

1. Behavior change must be brought about by understanding the causes of loneliness : 

2.  Know how loneliness can affect the body and mind and take action accordingly. 

3.In order to have a good mind, participation in social activities should be increased. 

4. Maintain friendly relations with the people around you.“Maintain a positive attitude and share your thoughts with loved ones.  

5.Psychiatrists can be consulted and treated to improve the condition. 

Family and friends must step forward in addition to attempting to overcome loneliness. Loneliness isn’t a psychological condition. However, as it reaches the ultimate stage, people are confronted with a major emotional crisis. As a result, there are a few straightforward approaches of overcoming loneliness. Meet together with your friends, for example. Maintain a routine. If possible, keep yourself occupied with study, job, everyday tasks, and physical activity.  if possible. Increase social communication. Do social work. 

Now it’s time to get to work on humanity’s problems. It gives the mind a sense of calm and happiness. Spend your free time doing something creative. Alternatively, you might pay for tuition. It will also provide some more revenue. 

It’s important to spend more time with your family. Have fun with your younger siblings if you have any. Describe the situation. Assist your mother in the kitchen. Alternatively, spend some time with your father and serve him. Play with your kids if you have any.Go out with the child. Tell the story.“Communicate. If possible, talk to your parents or spouse in the family. Discuss your problem. No matter how famous or infamous you are, don’t pretend to be in the circle of friends, behave in a simple way so that the other party accepts you as a friend without thinking you are an opponent. Practice writing to cut loneliness. Many great writers felt lonely at some point in their lives.“Loneliness is not always that bad. Creative people become famous by exploiting loneliness. Famous poets like Rabindranath also wrote from his loneliness at some point, 

Blessed are all my thorns that bloom and bloom. 

All my pain will be colored and turn into roses !