“Largest Pizza in the world” record has been broken by Italian Pizza maker NIPfood.

  • They have prepared a Pizza which is more than 40 metres in diameter and this Pizza is named as “OTTAVIA”.
  • It is purely Gluten free.
  • 5 Chefs who are specialized in gluten free Pizza were hired to prepare this Giant Pizza. Their names are Andrea Mannocchi, Matteo Giannotte, Matteo , Dovilio Nardi, and Marco Nardi.
  • “OTTAVIA” is a Roman word which means “eighth son” and also represents First Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus.
  • Total 9000 kilograms Gluten Free flour was used. But why they are using Gluten Free. Because Celiac disease is one of the major concern among old as well young in Europe and they want to make people aware how Gluten free flour can cure this Celiac Disease.
  • Pizza preparation had been started from 13th December and it took more than 48 hours to prepare this Giant Pizza.
  • 5 chefs baked the Pizza dough in 5,234 separate batches. 8981 kilograms of mozzarella and 3993 kilograms of tomato sauce was used.
  • “Pizza, which is the most important dish of Italian cooking worldwide, has very old origins as it has more than 3,000 years history. In ancient Egypt people already used to celebrate Pharaoh’s birthday with a flat bread made of flour, seasoned with aromatic herbs.”

    Chef and event organizer Dovilio Nardi told.

  • The Pizza was cut up and donated to local food shelters.
  • Previously this record for “Largest Pizza” was hold by Norwood Hypermarket, South Africa.
    Norwood Hypermarket prepared 37.4 metre Pizza by 4,500 kilograms of flour on 8th December, 1990.
    It weighed more than 26883 pounds or 12193 kilograms. 3960 pounds or 1796 kilograms Cheese , 800 kilograms or 1763 pounds Mushroom, 1984 pounds or 900 kilograms pure tomatoes and 2000 pounds or 910 kilograms chopped tomatoes — were used.
  • Photos Of Largest Pizza

    Videos Of Largest Pizza in South Africa,Norwood Hypermarket