Lake Geneva or Lake Léman is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe particularly in Switzerland and France forming a shape of a regular crescent.
Lake Geneva holds a 3-fold division based on its formation:-
1. Haut Lac (Upper Lake),
2. Grand Lac (Large Lake),
3. Petit Lac (Small Lake),

The lake lies in line with the Rhone originating from the Rhone Glacier close to the Grimsel Pass and moving down through the Canton of Valais. The bloom of the strands of the lake and many places near its basins has been rejoiced since long and the scenery appears elevated only from its eastern end.
According to the writings of Gregory of Tours and Marius Aventicensis, the lake was swept with a tsunami tide leading to the destruction of the Tauredunum fort along with other settlements and causing many deaths in Geneva. Simulations indicate that it was most likely caused by a huge landslide near the Rhone delta and later the town was taken over by the German Emperor.
Scientifically, in 1827, Lake Geneva was the site for the first measurement of the speed of sound in (fresh) water.
Leisure activities such as sailing, wind surfing, boating (including water skiing and wakeboarding), rowing, scuba diving and bathing etc. are exercised here because it is considered safe to swim in the lake. Yacht Racing is a famous sport among them. High-geared rafts have been developed specifically for the lake.
Many eminent personalities and celebrities of the world like Charlie Chaplin, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and many more visited and lived near the lake. Also, Mary, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron wrote ghost stories about the place. The popular event, the “Bol d’Or” runs from Geneva to the end.

Photos Of Lake Geneva