A selfie is a self-portrait technically taken with a handheld digital camera. People share their selfies in networking social services such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, several people have claimed to have invented a selfie. They are usually attractive and flattering, taken with a camera at an arm’s length.  Selfies exaggerate the size of eyes and give the impression of slender pointed chin. Research shows that a million selfies are taken each day. The photos are mostly taken by the front facing cameras on phones.

Many people have claimed to invent a selfie here are some of those people that are associated with the invention of a selfie. Selfies were said to be invented in 1839 by when an American pioneer named Robert Cornelius produced a daguerreotype of himself which is among the first photographs of a person. The process of taking the photo was slow, and he could run and shoot for a minute or more then replace the lens cap. That is how Robert was said to come up with a selfie.

Also, a Hollywood cameraman Lester Wibrod claims he invented the selfie in 1981. The 67 year old Wibrod claimed that he used his cannon camera every time he saw a celebrity; he reached out his arm and flashed a smile alongside the celebrity. He said to have started the selfie as a normal way to take a picture. He also admits that taking selfies was not as easy as today because the cameras would go out of focus. Although, due to today’s technology you don’t have to have a real camera to take a selfies most people use their phones.

A man from Australia also claimed to have invented the term selfie. The Australian man described the picture as a photography taken while drunk at the 21st century. He explains his incident that when he was drunk he tripped over, and landed on his lip then he took a photo of his bottom lip that had stitches. The reason he posted the now famous photograph was because he was seeking for advice about the stitches on his lips. By then he was a college student, and he was nicknamed Hopey however the identity of the student remains a mystery. Hopey was found of using the abbreviation ending  with “ie” or “ey” when chatting. He also referred television as telly that is how he came up with the name selfie, hence the name was formerly termed as selfy.

Despite all these stories associated with selfies. They have been a bit help in our lives in boosting our confidence and self-assurance. Also making us feel socially well integrated and having a lot of friends, especially when we post selfie and get most likes. They also keep us connected.

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