Martial Arts existed in India over 3000 years, as mentioned in Vedas. According to ancient tales and myths of India, Kalaripayattu was founded by Parasuram who was a disciple and avatar of Lord Vishnu. More over it is said that Kalaripayattu was actually tought to Parasuram by Lord Shiva. Techniques of Kalaripayattu was also used by Debraj Indra while defeating a demon. This battlefield techniques were observed from animal fightings and practiced by human’s.
During british disturbances in India many ancient Indian martial arts suffered worst and lost their existence.
But during that dark times Kalaripayattu along with few survived the worst and was practiced in remote & rulal places, still holding proper documentation.

Today Kalaripayattu is practiced mostly in Kerala, and to some extent practiced in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Shaolin Kungfu and many other martial arts have originated from this Indian Martial Art – Kalaripayattu.