Herman – A German Giant Rabbit, belonging to German breeder Hans Wagner is a new breed of rabbit measuring a little over 3 feet that was bred in order to give rise to a rabbit that could produce more flesh. Weighing a staggering 7.7 kilograms or 17 pounds, he is just a meter long of the total height of an average domestic rabbit with ears alone measuring at 21 centimeters. The unusually large hare weighs 17 lbs., measures 17 inches high on all his four hind legs. Herman eats around 2 kg of food a day which is more than what his siblings eat but he goes through the same food mix. Living in Berlin with his owner in a special oak coop, he consumes a vitamin supplement in order to remain healthy. Herman chomps through a bale of forage once in a week and his most- liked snack is lettuce. He was crowned as the “Berlin’s Biggest Bunny”, although he isn’t the largest rabbit in Berlin.

Photos of Herman – A German Giant Rabbit