Happy Valentine’s Day
Every year 14th February celebrate as’ Valentine’s Day‘.
Here is few interesting facts I just read .
(1) Valentine’s Day named after Bishop Valentine who protested against Roman king Claudius Il 270 AD . Claudius made a law that no one can marry during war time because he belived that marriage can ruined his army’s strenght. Bishop valentine disagreed with this idea and he secretly performed weddings and eventually got in red hair and executed by king on 14th Feb.. Valentine wrote a love letter to jailor’s daughter→ ‘From your Valentine‘.
His sacrifice of his own life for love become Symbol of love .
(2) Do yo know that in valentine’s Day 75% flowers are bought by men. 😀
(3) More than 2 billion $ chocolate sold every valentine’s day .
(4)Almost 150 million greetings cards are sold in Valentines day which is 2nd after Christmas Day.
(5) 15 Percent of US women send themselves flower 😛
(6) Red Rose which is symbol of Valentin’s day ( also favorite flower of Venus, Roman goddess of Love)→ almost 190 million stems are purchased by lovers in USA. Most of the flowers are imported from Latin America.
(7) Richard Cadbury first made box of chocolate for valentine’s day as as in 1800 .
Richard Cadbury was the son of Quaker John Cadbury , who is the founder of Cadbury’s Cocoa and Chocolate company.
(8) More than 40 million heart shaped chocolate box are purchased in this day.
(9) On an average $102 spend by men on that day for purchasing gifts and entertaining his girlfriend or wife.
(10)- 200 thousand Marriage proposals in 14th Feb.

Photos Of Happy Valentine’s Day