Happy Life–few tips

  • Most of the people do not know how to maintain happy life.
  • There are two factors—one is inside your home other is outside your home, which drive your life to be unhappy. If you can deal the influencing the factors tactfully, you can enjoy happy life. It completely depend upon your attitude, behave and your word to be delivered to others. I cannot formulate the hard and fast rule to enjoy a happy life. There aren’t techniques and tips you can use in your everyday life that can help you find happiness and fulfillment as you go through the journey of life. I may suggest some rules which may help you to enjoy your happy life. My suggestions are as follow:-
  • Keep the life simple and give the answer straight way:
    Many of us are always over analyzing and looking for the most complicated way of doing things in life. Try to avoid the complicated life.  Take the regular foods which are available nearby you.  Use the cloths which are cleaned easily.  As a result you may not be bothered to get your necessary regular commodity.   Sometimes our answers are not understandable. Try to answer straight way and to avoid conditional answer.
  • Should be patient.
    You should not lose your temper in any trifle matter. Try to understand others what they are saying. Give your answer friendly. As a result they may have good idea about you. You may receive good result from them. It is a great virtue in our life.
  • Take the correct decision in right time
    It is very tough matter. Most of us cannot do this work need fully. But happy life needs this. Your intelligence and your patient help you to take correct decision in right time. Before taking the important decision you should think of it and you may consult with persons who are your well wisher and affected by your indecision.
  • Try to be sociable
    Everybody should know that they live in a society. There is different kind of people. No person can be happy without friends. The heart is formed for love, and cannot be happy without the opportunity of giving and receiving affection. But you cannot receive affection unless you also give it. You cannot find others to love you unless you also love them. Love is to be obtained only by giving love in return. If your companions do not love you, it is your own fault. They cannot but love you, if you be kind, sociable and friendly. Love of your society and friend help you to enjoy your Happy life.
    Learn to like people.
  • Nobody should dislike the people who are dissimilar to him. There is different kind of people in our society. Their nature may be different from you. You should like them to get the friendly environment without which one cannot enjoy the happy life.
  • Tolerate your own mistakes.
    To error is human. Everybody do mistakes. It is the common fact. Someone cannot tolerate such mistake. He thinks of such mistake seriously and becomes unhappy. He should analyzing such mistake and he will try not to do such mistake in future.

Few quotes from famous person

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them.”
William Arthur Ward

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” Gandhi