Hachiko, belonging to the Akita breed of dogs who are considered among the most loyal and faithful ones was brought to home in January,1924 by Dr.Ueno, a professor at the Japanese Imperial university. Dr.Ueno named the 2-months old puppy-Hachiko.
The beautiful white dog accompanied Dr.Ueno to the Shibuya train station every morning and evening until May21,1925 as Dr.Ueno had died from a stroke earlier that day and never returned back. Hachiko waited everyday at the station and commuters noticed him.
Everyone was touched with his story of loyality published in newspapers and articles.Despite people’s loving intentions,Hachiko lived as a stray and ate scraps,handouts,worms etc.He became an old,sick,scared dog.But he still waited everday in a hope of a return of his master.
In March,1935 he finally died in a Shibuya street.To commemorate his loyality, his statue was erected at Shibuya station in his presence which is still a popular meeting place.He waited for his master for almost 10years.He became a celebrity and subject of many Japanese blockbuster movies and books. Even a ceremony to remember Hachiko every year on April 8….

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