Everyone wishes to live till their old age. Unfortunately, we do not decide how much we are going to live. Those that live 100 years and above live to see the world grow and also have a chance to see most people in their family line.  Luckily Sakari Momoi has lived to see his old age and according to Guinness world record. Sakari Momoi is the oldest man in the world aged 111 years after he outlasted American Alexander  who passed on June last year and held the record since may 8th. Alexandra Imich was an American chemist and the president of anomalous phenomenon research in New York City where he did research for the polish society. He was born in 1903 Poland to a Jewish family.

Imich joined polish forces at the age of 15. He also achieved a Ph.D. in zoology at the Jagiellonian University in 1929. Thus, during the World War II Imich and his wife migrated to Bialystok where he was employed as a chemist, and they eventually migrated to the USA. As almost, all their friends and relatives died in the war. While in the USA, Imich wrote numerous journals and published a book named “incredible tales of paranormal”.

Sakari Moimoi was awarded on Wednesday August 20th in the year 2014. He was born in the year February 5, 1903. He was born in Minamisoma in Fukushima Japan where he migrated to Saitama, north of Tokyo Japan 1929. However, Sakari stated that he wanted to live two more years where he is said to be in good health and enjoys to watch television and read books. The Great grandfather also spent his years serving his community where he served as chamber commerce executive director in his society. However, he currently lives in a nursing home in Tokyo where he contributed and served as the first president of Fukushima prefecture in a technical high school from 1948 to 1951.

Japan has the highest average life expectancy of 80.21 for men and 86.61 for women. Also, the country had the world oldest woman who was born in Asia and was the thirtieth verified person to reach 115 years old. Mrs Okawa had been the oldest living woman since the death of the 115-year-old Japanese Koto Okubo. On February 27th she was recognized by the Guinness world record as the oldest living woman however she said sleep and sushi were the reasons she lived long. Moreover, she makes sure to sleep eight hours a night and lives in Kurenai retirement home.  Mrs Okawa was married in 1919, and they had three children with her husband. She remains in good health and belong to the group super-centenarians which means people ages hundred years and above.

Photos of Guinness World Record the Oldest People.