Green tea is a tasty type of tea. It was first found in china in the 2737 BC during the rule of the emperor Shennong, initially, it was used by people for eating and chewing and as years went by people used the buds and the leaves of the tea to cook. When the leaves were added to boiled water, they drunk it and the flavor was great. Later the method of steaming the leaves to inhibit their oxidation was discovered. Another frying method was also introduced where all these methods resulted to the discovery of modern green teas and un-oxidized tastes.

Thousands of year’s green tea was used as medicine and thus it has many health benefits in our bodies. The benefits are that green tea helps to regulate glucose levels, and thus diabetes is prevented. Scientists believe that green tea helps the blood vessels to stay relaxed and be able to withstand any changes in blood pressure thus the regular intake reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Green tea also helps to reduce the risk of one conducting esophageal cancer, it also reduces the level of cholesterol and, therefore, bad cholesterol is turned to good cholesterol. Studies also show that due to the availability on antioxidant in the tea, this can help destroy dental caries, bacteria and viruses. As the skin is the largest body part, it is well that it is taken care of. Green tea helps to prevent signs of aging, and also when used on the skin can protect the skin from sun damage.

Matcha green tea is variety of green tea which is made from shade-grown leaves. The leaves are picked and dried traditionally at a shade. After they are dry, they are ground to a fine powder. Matcha is now found in various health food products that are inform of energy bars and cereals. The advantage of the Matcha green leave is that the whole leave is consumed and thus has great health benefits. Green tea has also caffeine in it. Taking green tea each morning can help reduce the amount of caffeine you will take by 70%. It also has some components found in caffeine that are theobromine and theophylline that are balanced by another substance in the tea that is amino acid L-Theanine that helps to soothe the nerves and stimulate concentration.

The best green tea is the one that is decaffeinated 100% with pure spring water and maintains an authentic flavor and sweetness. Green tea is a beast ideal to lose weight in the following ways it increases fat burning where it can help mobilize fat from fat cells it also reduces metabolic rate and make one burn more calories. This is one of the natural ways to lose fat.

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