o We have all heard that a man evolved from a monkey, but the question is why are monkeys still roaming around? When are the remaining monkeys going to turn into humans?
o Have you watched this film about Tarzan? If you have, he is supposed to live in the wilderness what about his bearded? Are they supposed to grow?
o When you in one of the big shopping moles, then someone pushes their cart carelessly and trumps on your toe then the person says He or She is sorry. All you think of saying is, it is alright am okay while the toe hurts  badly.
o Sometimes when we are yawning and at the midst of it all someone asks a very crucial question at the moment we will answer the question while yawning with some weird voice.
o Some people say that the hardest thing to find is happiness, while money it’s only hard to find when all is wasted trying to find happiness.
o A long phone call makes you move all around the house and start doing weird stuff.
o When you are in a shopping mole, and you are not buying anything you start getting paranoid that people think you are a shoplifter
o Sometimes you rehearse arguments in your head just in case you come across any argument.
o You will set your alarm earlier than you need to wake up so that hitting the snooze button several times will wake you up.
o Sometimes you get relieved when you arrive home and find nobody else is there, especially when you are so hungry. You will be in a hurry to prepare something and eat it before anyone knocks the door.
o Sometimes we immediately forget someone’s name even after they have just introduced themselves to us. Then when you are asked you if you have forgotten their name you stammer “you are………..” till they have to mention their name again.
o You stop the microwave just some seconds left just not to hear the beeping sound of it. While the next thing you do is listening to loud music.
o At times, we go looking for jobs, then we go to a certain company to drop our Curriculum vitae. Just the time you arrive at the Gate the Guard tells you that no CVS are allowed to get dropped. You then walk away disappointed saying in your head I dint need the job anyway. Though the look of disappointment on your face betrays you.
o At times we find that it is more effortless to ask for forgiveness than asking for permission. You also find that, the easiest way to get something lost around the house is to buy its spare.
o It is disappointing to be disapproved at midst of your story by someone you know especially when you don’t know which section of the story they know.

Photos of The Funny Things in Life