The fastest car by biogas was an Audi A4 2.7 and was a successful biogas car. It was modified in Germany to work as the fastest car and  it  run at a speed of 364.6 km/h or 227/mph . This car has amazingly won the Guinness world record with a German racer called Jurgen Hohenester. The world leading valve and pipe manufacturer with German filing special producer made this project a success by working together.The car Audi A4 beats the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 super sport that had won the previous Guinness world record, and both cars were using biogas. The venom GT was powered by a twin turbo 1244-hp. With a curb weight 2.2 pounds per horsepower. Hennessey says the vehicle is custom built and would take about six months to complete. Also according to the Guinness world record the car ran at Ellington Airport in taxes at an average time of 13.63 seconds, from 0 to 300 km/h. For the Audi A4 to beat the Bugatti, it ran for 364.6 km/h. The car was powered by a twin turbo of 3.0 liter V6 engine. This word record has made awareness of biogas. They proved that biogas could be used which is much cheaper than fuel and also available as  a natural product. The natural gas cars could also perform, in the same way, a petrol car could work. The car was also seen to be CO2 neutral, thus claimed as a safe car. Moreover, the vehicle was certified by bio-methane Company. The gas was also made available at the CNG filling station.
The developing interest on biogas has made producers in Germany manufacture the purified gas that is bio-methane, a gas heating value is too high, and thus Germany is imposing an upper quality limit on the gas. The Germans have also included biogas feeds in their law where the pipeline operators can open their network for biogas.