Plastic surgery is concerned with the correction of a form and function. Some people have opted for cosmetic plastic surgery because they have felt that they are not satisfied with who they are or want to change who they are. Although I believe that everyone is great the way, they are created, and we should embrace to be the person we already are. To some, the procedure has failed while others have been successful. Plastic surgery is not necessarily cosmetic it involves hand surgery, reconstructive surgery, Craniofacial surgery, microsurgery. However, many plastic surgeries were performed in a barber shop where during the first century,  and B.C Romans practiced various forms of plastic surgeries that is repairing their noses, eyes, teeth, and lips.

The 2009 statistics says that women did 91% of surgeries while men had the 9% of the surgeries. The reason woman would have had these surgeries is because they are more concerned with their appearance. Teens have also been associated with cosmetic plastic surgeries not realizing how their youthful, natural beauty is precious. Little you did you know that plastic surgery became popular when surgeons took skin of grafts from various donors such as a pig. But were confused when the new nose fell off they concluded that the graft died when the original owner died. However, most of the cosmetic procedures were done to people 40 to 54 years probably because they were aging and were afraid of looking different from their past.

At the middle Ages, plastic surgery was considered as sinful because of spilling of blood by surgeon and the power that the surgeon had over the body was akin to magic. Breast augmentation which involves breast implants which is popular and is thought to increase risk of immune disorders and lupus. However, these surgeries are quite expensive and the cost of an average one is $800 per procedure. In the present time laser procedures are becoming much more viable it is faster and cheaper. Lasers are popular for skin treatments like leg vein treatment and resurfacing. Cosmetic plastic surgery is done for healthy patients, not for sick individuals.

Most of the people who have had plastic surgery are most probably to go for a second one. The modern plastic surgeries are also exploring the cloning technology and looking into the secrets of growth within the womb where growth and healing take place. The purpose of cosmetic plastic surgery is to improve the natural look. Thus, the frankness to be open about the proposed surgery is best for psychological health and also getting ready for the surgery. All surgical incisions heal by scar formation, and the scar becomes permanent, so most of the surgeons try to keep the scar areas small and thin as possible. However scars heal differently on different people.

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