It has not been a clear why some people are left-handed and found to be famous and brilliant. On the August 13th is a left-handers day. Left-handedness runs in families since, in the British royal family Prince William, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth II were all left-handers. Proving  that men are likely to be left-handed. Approximately 10 percent of all humans are left-handed but surprisingly fifty percent of cats are left-handed. Research shows that lefties are more flexible which gives them a hand in math because the connection between the right and the left-hand of the brain is faster. They also learn to use the other hand faster than right-handers.

Statistics shows that a mother of 40 years is more likely to bear a left-hand child than when they are in their twenties. Unfortunately, in some of the different parts of the world children are punished in school for being left-handed. However, the good side of it is that there are scholarships provided for left-handers who perform better in their education. Left-handers are said to heal from stroke faster more than the right handed people. There are various things that left-handed people are said to more successful in. They learn how to drive faster, see more clearly when under water than the right handers this is because they exercise all parts of the brain.

There are various myths concerning the left-handed people one myth is that the left-handed people get persecuted, since as from a long time many cultures forced their children to use right the right hand. Though this is not as it is today as most of the United States presidents were left-handed so if they had been persecuted they would have a slim chance of becoming presidents today. As a superstition, the left-hand is always associated with the devil it is believed that the devil greets his followers with the left-hand. Also, an itchy left hand means that money is coming your way. It is thought to be bad luck when you woke on the left side of the bed. Also, when traveling and you feel your left foot itching, it means you will have a bad journey.

Some people believe that left-handers will have a short life because of immune problems that is not true. The myth originates with a 1988 nature paper where psychologist analyzed death records of left-handed basketball players, and they were found to die younger. However, Mc Manus proves that it was a statistical artifact when he and Phil Bryden analyzed data which involved 21000 patients. The search showed that no systematic tendency for left-handers to suffer from disorders of the immune system.

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